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Congratulations, You're Engaged ! .... Now What ?

You may not know, but the Christmas and New Year period is the most popular time for couples to get engaged, even busier than Valentine's Day. With that in mind, we decided now was the perfect time for this blog post.

It is such an exciting time, but can also be overwhelming when you start to think about your wedding and planning it. As long as you are not having a very short engagement, which can be for any number of reasons, take time to enjoy this moment. Go on date nights, make new memories as an engaged couple.

We planned our own wedding in 9 months, which is definitely doable,but you need to be very organised which can take a little of the glitz and enjoyment away from it. Our original plan was to get married a year later, but Noel's dad was not in the best of health so we brought it forward. Luckily we got to have him in our lives for another 12 years, but you never know and we would have always regretted him not being there if things had turned out differently.

Once you have had time for things to settle back down again, firstly consider what time of year you want to get married as this will effect everything once you start planning.

Do you want a spring wedding with all the fresh bright colours that season has to offer ?

Maybe you want something a bit different like a festival themed outdoor wedding in the height of summer. Or a relaxed boho style with the soft, dreamy pastel colours of summer.

The warm tones of autumn can make a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day. Rich russets, golden yellows and hot oranges. You could even make your own confetti with dried leaves to add that extra something different to your day.

Or do you love the idea of a full on winter or christmas themed wedding ? Our wedding was in the winter and as a result we were not hung up on the weather at all, we did not expect gorgeous sunshine and my dress would definitely not have suited summertime, I would have been way too hot.

The other thing to decide apart from the season is do you want a themed wedding ?

The other big factor to decide right near the start is your guest numbers. There is absolutely no point in falling in love with a venue, only to find they cannot accommodate your guest numbers.

Once you have chosen your theme, venue and date you can move on to choosing the wedding party and booking all your suppliers. This is an amazing journey you are on together, enjoy the process and make lots of memories on the way.

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