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11 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

The key thing when considering where to hold your wedding is research. Consider the style of wedding you want and your budget. The internet as always is a wonderful resource for finding out exactly what is on offer in your chosen area. Once you have a shortlist of possible venues make arrangements to visit them and don't be afraid to ask questions. You are paying a lot of money for your wedding, so make sure you can have exactly what you want.

1. Can you have your bridal preparations at the venue ?

This will not only reduce the stress of having to be ready earlier ready for your transport to take you to your ceremony venue, but will also reduce the costs and need for hiring transport. Also, when there are facilities at your chosen venue they are often designed with brides in mind and will be light and airy. Your MUA and hairstylist will love you for the natural light and space provided. Three venues to consider with perfect preparation spaces would be Gosfield Hall, Sturmer Hall and Parklands, Quendon Hall .

2. Can the groom get ready at the venue ?

Just like the bride reducing stress and costs for the grooms party are equally important. And, if like many couples you are looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding day this is a great bonus with any venue.

3. Do the ceremony and wedding breakfast take place in different rooms ?

If they do take place in different rooms then everything can be set up beforehand with maybe just a few items like flower arrangements having to be moved from one to the other. You and your guests will not be turfed out whilst the room is being turned around.

4. What photo opportunities are available, both indoors and outdoors ?

This is often one of the biggest reasons for choosing a particular venue. But, a plan B is essential, specially here in the UK as we all know the weather is never 100% reliable no matter what time of year to choose to get married. So do make sure your venue has great photo backdrops both indoors and outdoors.

5. Do they allow confetti ?

If you have your heart set on that iconic confetti photo do make sure to check exactly what your venue allows. These days many locations will only allow bio-degradable or even real flower petals as confetti out of doors, and some allow no form of confetti at all. At Layer Marney Tower you have the best of both worlds being allowed confetti outside the church and on the staircase to the grand hall as well.

6. Do they allow animals ?

Are your fur babies as much a part of your wedding plans as all your human guests ? Is your dog acting as your ring-bearer ? Or are you planning on having owls deliver your rings ? Once again, you need to check with your venue what is permissable.

7. Is the bar in the same room as the dance floor ?

If your guests have to leave the room with the dance floor to go and get a drink you have a much lower chance of keeping them up and dancing all night. People often gravitate towards and congregate around the bar area to chat which may well leave your dance floor completely empty if the bar is separate.

8. Do they allow fireworks ?

Are you planning a spectacular send off at the end of the night with fireworks or sparklers ? Many venues either do not carry insurance for this or will only allow certain firework companies who have been approved by themselves to carry out pyrotechincs.

9. Is there accomodation on site ?

Will your guests be able to just wander off to their rooms at the end of all the partying, or will they have to arrange transport to get them home or to their hotel ? A venue with several rooms available for guests will have them singing your praises at the end of the night.

10. Do they supply catering or is it a dry hire venue ?

Dry hire venues are wonderful if you are planning to do the catering yourself or want something a bit different like a fish and chip van or hog roast. It is also a great way to reduce costs as you have much more control and choice over how much to spend on your food and drink.

11. How many guests can the venue accommodate ?

Work out your rough guest numbers before looking at venues. There is no point falling in love with a location only to find out they cannot cater for all your guests.

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