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Hints and Tips for your Wedding Day

Ties/Cravattes – make sure to decide with your groomsmen whether you are wearing ties or cravattes and what knot you will all use. Ensure you purchase the shirt to match your choice. A cravatte shirt has a different collar to one you wear a tie with.


Buttonholes – should not be pushed through the buttonhole of your jacket, you should use the pin supplied, pushed through the stem just below the flowerhead. If you are not having real flowers for buttonholes, practice beforehand to make sure the pin passes easily through the wired stem.


Shoes – this applies to men and women. Make sure to break them in before the big day. The last thing you want or need is shoes that are too tight or painful. Ladies may also want to consider have a second pair of flat shoes for the evening. Make sure to remove any stickers from the soles of your shoes. If really sticky hairspray is great for removing them.


Aftershave/Perfume – consider a more subtle fragrance, a heavier fragrance can attract bugs and wasps.


The Dress – practice with your maid of honour/bridesmaids raising and securing the train and lacing up or buttoning up the back of the dress before your wedding day so there are no problems or unnecessary delays causing stress on the day. Get into your wedding dress earlier than you think you need to, this gives your body time to adjust and get used to being in a style you are probably not used to.


Hair – have a dress shirt or sheet available for the day to wear whilst your hair is being styled. A t-shirt needs to be raised over the head, which can mess up your hairstyle, whereas a shirt or sheet is not.


Rings – when exchanging rings, remember to hold them at the sides so your photographers can get those great shots of you placing them on each others fingers.


Food – do not skip eating on your wedding day, the last thing you want is to faint at the alter. Make sure your breakfast includes protein and complex carbohydrates to sustain you until you sit down to eat later.


Photographs – once you have decided on your must have images of family and friends, make sure to allow enough time for your photographer to get them.


Deposits/payments – when booking any of your suppliers for your wedding day, none of them should require full payment until a short time before your wedding. A deposit should be more than adequate to secure their services. A supplier who requires full payment months before your big day should have a very good reason, otherwise alarm bells should be ringing. Personal recommendations are your best way to find suppliers, but internet searches are also a great way of finding what you require, just make sure to check out their reviews or references. Make sure to get a receipt for every payment you make.

Alcohol – Enjoy your day, but don’t overdo it. You want to remember your day. One tip is to drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink.


Chatty guests – appoint someone to politely pull you away when needed. You want to spend time with all your guests and not be monopolised by just one or two. Ask a bridesmaid, groomsmen, or family member to take on this role.


Parents – do make time to spend with each parent on the day. It is special for them too and they will appreciate you making time to spend a few minutes with them.


Wedding morning – relax, you can do no more. Take the day in. Things will go wrong, but as long as you, your partner and the person marrying you are there…..anything else is a bonus.


Stress – don’t let stress get to you. Friends and family can add to stress without even realising it. Such as …”The car is here already” – no problem, the car will most always be early so don’t rush, it is not leaving without you.


Flowers – if you are using real flowers that have been kept fresh in water, make sure to dab the stem ends, you don’t want wet stains on your outfits.


Bathroom tip – Funny, but useful. A gorgeous dress and train can make visiting the ladies interesting. Walk forward into the cubicle, tummy next to the cistern and straddle the seat. This way there is no need to try and lift the dress etc. Funny, but it does work.


Receiving Lines – This is one tradition you may wish to avoid as it can literally eat precious time. 100 guests at 30 seconds each, means nearly an hour of your day gone. Also it will depend on your venue, as some venues are perfectly suited for a receiving line whereas other venues just don't work, for example a stair case leading to the reception room, or would you like to make a dramatic entrance to your guests. You may even prefer to go round the tables during the meal to greet everyone instead.


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