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Braintree Town Hall - Essex Wedding Venue

Updated: Nov 2

Braintree Town Hall is located in the heart of the town, with wedding ceremony rooms to suit all budgets and elegant interiors featuring wood panelling, stained glass windows and an opulent staircase for some great photo opportunities.

Wedding guests arrive shortly before your ceremony and are whisked away up the staircase to your ceremony room.

The brides arrival is always much anticipated and with space outside the front door your vehicle can park right outside the venue giving you just a short hop across the path before you are indoors and shown to your waiting room. There's even enough space for a coach just like this one from Lodge's. This is a great breathing space and time for those all important last minute touch ups.

The Council Chambers with their wood panelling and timeless elegance give rich warm tones to your wedding photos.

The community room with it's simple elegance makes a great backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

After your wedding ceremony, there is a short time for photographs on the grand staircase, a great place to gather all your guests together for the group photo. The staircase is also the best place to show off your dress, specially if it has a long train.

Confetti takes place outside with the bride and groom exiting through the front doors onto the steps and into a cascade of confetti with all their family and friends surrounding them.

If you are planning on getting married in Essex then we would suggest reading this blog post "How to Register Your Wedding in Essex"

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