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5 Steps To The Perfect Wedding Cake

Your Wedding cake is just one of those possible show-stopping moments on your big day. But just how big does it need to be ? Are you having a theme or colour scheme you want it to match ? And, one of the biggest questions....what flavour will it be ? No longer are we constrained by the tradition of a rich fruit cake covered in royal icing, although there is nothing stopping you from following tradition if that is what you want.

1. Book early to avoid disappointment

Book at least 12 months in advance to avoid disappointment, specially if you want a particular supplier.

2. Meet Your Wedding Cake Maker

Plan to meet your wedding cake maker sooner rather than later and include a tasting if they offer this service. A tasting is a great opportunity to sample different flavours and decide what you both like. Mel's Cakes & Bakes is just one supplier who offers a tasting session or even a postal service for you to taste cake flavours in the comfort of your own home. Also, who will be setting up your cake on your wedding day ? This is just one service that Cakes From Rachel offer.

3. Wedding Cake Inspiration Board

Put together an inspiration board of designs and styles you both like. Don't forget to consider if you want a full on theme or a particular colour scheme - Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration for you. Our own Pinterest Wedding Cake board is a great place to start.

4. Notes for your wedding cake consultation

Before you go for your wedding cake consultation, jot down a few notes so you have the answers ready in advance.

We suggest:

  1. Wedding Date

  2. Wedding Venue

  3. Time of wedding

  4. Type of cake

  5. Flavours

  6. Number of guests

  7. Any allergies you need to cater for

5. How big does your wedding cake need to be ?

Consider when the cake will be served. Are you using your cake as the dessert to your wedding breakfast or cutting and serving it just before your first dance so evening guests can have a piece with you as well ? When you choose to serve your cake will affect how many it needs to serve and therefore how big a cake you need.

A rough guide would be -

6" round = 10 servings

8" round = 28 servings

10" round = 38 servings

12" round - 56 servings

14" round = 78 servings

If the idea of a sweet wedding cake is not your thing, then how about checking out "How To Have The Perfect Cheese Wedding Cake". It's sure to satisfy your inner cheese monster.

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