How To Have The Perfect Cheese Wedding Cake

If like many you are looking for something a little bit different for your wedding day and an alternative to the traditional cake, why not consider having a cheese cake instead ?

How much cheese do we need ?

Planning on serving the cheese at the end of your meal ? Then allow 100 to 150 grammes per person.

If however, you want to use it as your evening buffet, then increase that to 200 to 250 grammes per guest. They will have worked up a good appetite by then with all the fun and dancing.

Serving Suggestions

We would suggest either having your catering/venue staff slice it all up for you, then guests only need a small plate or napkin. Otherwise, have small cheese knives available for your guests to help themselves. Leaving the cheese in large blocks/wheels will also help it last longer and prevent it drying out.

What should we serve with the cheese ?

Pretty much, whatever you want. But some great suggestions would be grapes, figs, kumquats, celery and carrot sticks, chutneys and an assortment of biscuits. Maybe even some cured meats. The possibilities and choice really are your own.

What cheese should we choose for our tower ?

The base should be something strong such as a good mature cheddar which will not collapse under the weight. Then choose cheeses with different textures and colours to make it visually appealing. Three or four cheeses is much better and steadier than a multitude of small pieces.

Don't forget to allow your cheese to come up to room temperature, it will taste far better and cut much easier than straight from the cold store or fridge.

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