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Wedding Flowers & Their Meanings

Bouquet of cream roses and babies breath on the bonnet of a white Rolls Royce

Have you ever considered what your wedding flowers mean ? Are you wanting your bouquet to reflect certain ideals and not just match your colour scheme ? Then read on for our top list of wedding flowers and their meanings.

Roses as Wedding Flowers

Top of the list for many brides and the most common choice for a bridal bouquet. Roses signify love, affection and passion, but different colours also have more indepth meanings.

Red - Passion - Love - Beauty - Romance

Pink - Gentleness - Admiration - Love - Gratitude

Wedding corsage of pink roses and winter berries

Purple - Charm - Enchantment - Magnetism

Bridal bouquet of purple and cream roses with babies breath

White - New Beginnings - Purity - Respect

Yellow - Empathy - Optimism - Friendship

Bridal bouquet of yellow freesias and cream roses with blue accents

Blue - Prosperity - Love - Immortality

Wall decoration featuring blue roses and ivy

Orange - Frienship - Love - Congratulations

Lilies in Your Wedding Bouquet

Another flower high on the wedding bouquet list for their dramatic impact. Because of the Greek myth of Hera and Zeus lilies are associated with rebirth and motherhood, as well as purity and devotion.

Pink - Love - Admiration - Compassion - Femininity - Understanding

Close up photo of a deep pink lilly

White - Purity - Heaven - Modesty

Bridal bouquet of fake white lillies and purple roses

Yellow - Friendship - Joy - Happiness

Close up of a yellow lilly

Orange - Honour - Respect

Close up of a bright orange lilly

Purple - Royalty - Privilege - Passion

Close up of a purple lilly with white edges

More Options For Your Wedding Flowers

This is just a few of the flowers you could use at your wedding, but there are no hard and fast rules, the florist really is your oyster.

Baby's Breath - Innocence - Everlasting Love - Pureness

Perfect, delicate white clusters of flowers, a great choice if you want a small, lightweight and unassuming wedding bouquet.

Carnation - Love - Fascination - Distinction

Pink signify "I will never forget you", white signify "sweet and lovely", red signify "deep love and affection", but be wary of other colours such as yellow which signifies disdain.

Lily of the Valley - Purity - Sweetness - Humility

Pretty little bell shaped flowers that look exactly what they symbolise.

Table decoration of blue roses with lily of the valley and greenery

Myrtle - Good Luck - Love

If you need the perfect bloom to add to a wedding bouquet, look no further than myrtle, there's no better flower to carry down the aisle.

Dahlia - Dignity - Pomp

many of us immediately think of the Black Dahlia, but with their meaning they are truly not out of place at a momentous occasion such as your wedding.

Daisy - Innocence

With their cheery, sunny little faces, the symbolism definitely makes sense.

Chrysanthemum - Honesty

A simple but strong symbolism and they look great in autumn wedding bouquets.

Group of chrysanthemums in pink, yellow, white and mauve

Daffodil - New Beginnings

A firm favourite for spring weddings adding a brightness and joy to any occasion.

We could carry on with this list forever, but this hopefully whets your appetite to research a little more and consider your wedding bouquet and flowers as a way to symbolise your feelings as well as being a beautiful accessory to your wedding day.

Once you have an idea of the kind of flowers and designs you want for your wedding you will need to have a consultation with your chosen florist. Our blog post "6 Tips For A Great Wedding Flower Consultation" is packed with information to help.

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