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6 Tips For A Great Wedding Flower Consultation

There are so many parts to planning a wedding that it can all to easily and quickly become overwhelming. Here we share with you our top tips for when you attend your first wedding flower consultation.

1. Timing is crucial

Your first consultation for flowers should be soon after you have booked your venue, know the date of your wedding and have an idea of the style or theme you wish to have. This latter will be very much lead by your venue choice and it is therefore important to have your venue booked before you consider flowers.

Florists book up early year on year so make sure to allow yourselves time to research them and review any quotes you obtain from them without having to rush the process and regret your decision.

2. Book an appointment

Make sure to book an appointment for your consultation rather than just turning up unannounced. With a set time your florist will be able to devote their time solely to you and give you the proper attention you deserve. This enables the florist to get all the details from you and therefore formulate a proper quote (usually within a few days) for your requirements.

3. Have a vision

Have a clear idea of what you want for your wedding day. Take along pictures for inspiration. Pinterest is a great source for ideas so consider creating a mood board full of the styles and flowers you like. Fabric swatches for bridesmaids dresses showing colours are also a great idea to take with you, especially if you are trying to match them in your flowers.

4. Budget

Know what your budget is. There is no point looking at flowers that cost £2500 if your budget is only £1000. Your florist will be able to advise you on possible cheaper alternatives and ideas to fit your budget but still achieve the overall effect you are after.

5. Bring your partner with you

It is always better to have someone with you rather than attend meetings on your own and gives you another opinion and someone to bounce ideas off of. Grooms are far more involved these days with the wedding planning process than ever before.

6. Number of Locations

Be sure to make your florist aware of all locations involved as travel between them will need to be factored into their quote as well as the time it will take for different set ups. If you are getting ready at home then your bouquet and those of your bridesmaids will need to be delivered there, whereas buttonholes for the grooms party will be needed at another location. When having a church wedding you will need to decide if you want floral decorations there also. And finally, the wedding reception....do you want a top table display and table centrepieces ?

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