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14 Ideas For Your Wedding Colour Theme

No matter when you are getting married there will often be a colour theme your wedding follows. Have you always had an image of the colour palette you will use or do you have no idea at all ? Check out our images to help you get started.

Blue, Green, Lemon & White

What could be more perfect for a spring wedding than lemon ? Whether you go for a soft, subtle lemon or something more vibrant to reflect the birth of spring and all the newness and awakening this season has to offer, lemon can be paired with a vast array of shades to complete your colour palette. These colours fit beautifully with the surroundings at The Old Rectory

Blue, White, Cream & Peach

Another wonderful soft colour combination perfect for a spring or summer wedding when the world is bursting with new life and energy. This wedding at Gosfield Lake Golf Club shows off this colour combo wonderfully.

Cadbury Purple

A strong, vibrant colour, purple looks great at any time of year, but how about using it for your winter wedding to add that pop of colour to even the dullest of days ? The rich interiors of Colchester Town Hall work perfectly with this colour scheme.

Charcoal Grey, Red & White

The romance of red roses reflected in your outfits and decorations is a perfect theme for your wedding.

Green, Ivory & Champagne

Subtle shades to allow your own beauty and elegance to shine and not compete with anything else. The warmth of the gold room at Langtons Registry Office was the perfect foil for this wedding colour theme.

Hot Pink & Navy

Vibrant and full of personality, just like you. Fun and laughter are never far away. The magnificence of Parklands Quendon Hall was the brilliant venue for this wedding.

Ivory, Cream, Grey & Silver

Sophisticated, elegance. These timeless, classic colours are sensational at any time of year, and Wivenhoe House Hotel complimented them beautifully.

Navy Blue & Tangerine

Full of fun and the perfect match for an autumn wedding, reflecting the dazzling array of the colours in nature all around you.

Pale Blue, Grey & White

A perfect spring wedding colour to stand out against the budding green plants all around you.

Pink, Baby Blue & White

A summer wedding is the ideal season for these dreamy, soft colours, reflecting the long, lazy days of summer. This wedding at Warley Park Golf Club shows off these colours perfectly.

Rainbow Pastel

Why pick just one colour for your wedding when you can have a whole rainbow full of the fun and vibrance of summer ? The stunning Great Lodge at Bardfield is a brilliant location for your wedding.

Red, Grey & Cream

Romantic and elegant, the world is your oyster. And, at Sturmer Hall you have country house elegance together with a modern well appointed marquee to complete your perfect day.

Royal Blue, Yellow & Cream

There is no end to the ways you can incorporate your colour scheme into your wedding day. With a little creativity your colours can be all around you making the perfect backdrop to your wedding day. With a venue like Bocking Village Club you have a blank canvas to let your imagination take flight.

Soft Pastels

Dreamy soft pastels in the middle of summer give you a diversity of colours to choose from and the added bonus of being able to dress your bridal party individually in colours that compliment them and their personalities. Five Lakes Resort is perfect for your wedding and best of all can accommodate all your wedding guests so nobody has to drive home afterwards.

For more inspiration for colour themes why not check out our Pinterest boards ?

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