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How to Define Your Wedding Vision

So, you're engaged and it truely is an amazing time of your life, one you should fully enjoy making new memories. There really is nothing like the initial feeling of excitement when you get engaged. Make the most of this time as there really is for most couples absolutely no reason to rush headlong into planning your wedding.But, once the celebrations are over just how do you define your wedding vision ?

For some couples they have an exact idea of just how they want their wedding to look, but for many of us we have no idea of what we want. Our blog this week aims to help you navigate defining your wedding vision.

What Defines You As A Couple ?

Your personalities, values and relationship are key to starting this journey. Sit down together and work out what is important to you, both individually and as a couple. Are there any hobbies you share which you would like to include in your big day ? If you have lovely memories of a holiday you shared you may want to use that as inspiration for your wedding.

Work Together To Define Your Priorities.

Sit down and individually write down the 3 absolute must haves you want to include in your day. This could be a particular song you want played or to have as your first dance. Or it might be your absolute dream to have a castle wedding or your rings delivered by owl. It can also be that you want to include a particular colour in your wedding outfits and decor.

Once you have your two lists compare them and combine them in a prioritised list together.

When Do You Want To Get Married ?

Even if you don't have an exact date in mind, it is likely you will know what time of year you want to get married. This again, will heavily influence the style of wedding you have. If you have a vision of yourself in a full velvet wedding gown as I did for instance, then you definitely want a winter wedding as your dress will be way too hot and heavy during the summer months.

Choosing The Venue

Once you have an idea of the kind of style you want for your wedding you can then move on to choosing the venue. If you are wanting anything a little different like a fairground carousel you need to make sure your chosen venue allow this. Again, if you have your heart set on having a few different food choices provided by vendors serving from wagons, vans or horse boxes you need to check your venue permit this. Make a viewing appointment and don't be afraid to have a list of questions to ask.

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Create A Mood Board

Pinterest is your friend and a brilliant tool for getting all your ideas in one place. It is great to be able to show all your vendors your ideas, so they are fully on board with your vision and can help realise your dream day. It will also give you an overall idea of whether all your ideas will work well together.

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Trust Your Intuition

Don't feel pressured to go with the current trends, especially if they don't fit with your vision. Just because everyone else is going all out and partying does not mean you have to as well. If you want an intimate, romantic day then stick to your guns. It's your wedding, so have it your way !

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