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13 Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

Wedding traditions are great, but in a modern world it is now much more acceptable to go your own way and make your own choices and create new wedding traditions.

Here we share with you some of the ones we have come across in our role as wedding photographers.

1. A church wedding is not a must these days. Essex actually has the highest number of wedding venues in the country, so you really are spoiled for choice when you start looking around.

The venues pictured below are Great Lodge, Bardfield, Cressing Temple Barns, Sturmer Hall, Gosfield Hall and Leez priory.

2. Many couples are now opting to have a sweetheart table instead of the traditional top table. This is a brilliant choice if you have separated parents and makes seating plans a whole lot easier when you don't have to worry about who should be on the top table.

3. Wedding cakes were always traditionally iced fruit cake, but today the world is your oyster, from naked sponges to cheese cakes you really can have whatever you want.

4. A wedding veil is not an absolute necessity now. So many suppliers now offer accessories to suit all tastes or maybe you want a flower crown ?

5. With many couples choosing to start a family before they get married, why not include them in your vows ?

6. It is not written in stone that the groom has to have a best man....if your best friend is female, why not have a best woman instead ?

7. Wedding bouquets can now be made from ribbons or brooches and not just flowers. This makes them much more durable and long lasting, which means they can be kept as a keepsake without having to arrange for them to be dried and framed.

8. Traditionally white, your wedding dress is always the centre of attention, but have you considered a dress in your favourite colour instead ?

9. If, like us you are not a fan of champagne, then why not have your wedding toast with your favourite wine or cocktail ?

10. Instead of the traditional wedding guest book for everyone to sign, why not have wooden hearts for each guest to complete and place in a picture frame or a thumb print tree ?

11. It's not just about the couples first dance anymore, why not have a daughter/dad or mother son dance as well ?

12. If the formal wedding ceremony is not for you, then consider a registry office with just you and your witnesses for the legal part and then have a celebrant led wedding ceremony, completely personalised to you at your chosen venue. If you are looking for a celebrant then do take a look at Michelle Taylor, The Funky Celebrant....by the way she loves themed weddings, especially Harry Potter.

13. A themed wedding is a great way to do things a bit differently and incorporate a favourite film, book or genre into your wedding day.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, we'd love to hear what you are planning. Whatever you choose, just remember, it is your day, so have it your way !

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