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Informal Wedding Roles For Family And Friends

ushers outside the church in the sunshine handing out orders of service to all the wedding guests

Getting engaged really is an exciting and magical time. But once the first wave of excitement has worn off, the real planning begins. You soon realise you have more friends and family who you really want to involve on your wedding day than official jobs to go round. We hear this time and again from couples so decided we would share with you a few ideas for informal wedding roles that may just help relieve the stress and arguments about who does what.

If you are at the start of your planning journey then make sure to read our blog post "Congratulations, You're Engaged ! .... Now What ?" to help you begin.

Buttonhole Distributor

If like us you are supplying buttonholes for everyone or even just a few, you may like to have someone in charge of giving them out. A small role, but oh so important, even more so if there are special buttonholes for people like grandparents or mother of the bride. Making sure everyone gets the right one is an often overlooked detail. Not sure what flowers to have ? Then our blog post "Wedding Flowers & Their Meanings" is perfect for you.

Order of Service Distributor

Making sure everyone has a copy of the Order of Service for Your Wedding Day may seem unimportant, but many guests especially of the older generation make a point of having these small items as keepsakes to remind them of special days in their lives. They can either hand them out to your guests, or make certain one is placed on every seat.

Confetti Distributor

If you want those amazing confetti photos then you need to make sure as many guests as possible have some confetti to throw at the right moment. This is a great role for young guests who are not exactly children, but are also not yet adults either.

Flower Girls or Page Boys

There is no doubt small children all dressed up smart look so very cute at a wedding so this may be something you wish to include in your wedding plans. just make sure you have someone on hand to keep them entertained and out of trouble especially during preparations. The last thing you want to be dealing with is a tantrum or meltdown on your wedding day.

Wedding Ceremony Readings

If you have someone who is good at public speaking then why not have them do a reading during your ceremony ? A reading can be so personal, maybe even a poem that is special to you. Our blog post "10 Perfect Wedding Reading Ideas Inspired By Romantic Songs" may help you choose something that fit your wedding perfectly.

What Are Their Strengths That You Can Use In An Informal Wedding Role ?

Just because someone may not be comfortable speaking and doing a reading does not mean they cannot be involved on your wedding day. Noels' sister is an amazing crafter so we had her make all our wedding favours for the day. Maybe you know someone who is amazing in the kitchen and could make you edible favours for your guests ? Or another person is great with calligraphy and could handwrite your place cards for the sit down meal. A family friend or member creates stunning flower arrangements. The possibilities are endless when you sit down together and brainstorm a few ideas.

Let Go And Ask For Help

Yes, it is your day and you want everything to be perfect, but don't get so caught up in planning and controlling everything that you forget to actually enjoy it. Don't be afraid to ask family and friends for help. Often they are just dying to be involved but don't want to appear pushy and overbearing.

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