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Guide To The Best Mans Duties

So you have been asked to be a best man, but what exactly does that involve. Our guide below will help you plan your role and help you support the groom in the best way possible on his wedding day.

1. Helping the groom choose his suit

It will be your job to advise and give critique on the grooms choice of suit, both for himself, you and the groomsmen. You know what a man looks good in whether you usually voice an opinion or not so don't be afraid to give him advice. It is also your place to arrange fittings for everyone so that all the suits fit perfectly on the day. Make sure everyone tests moving around in their suit, sitting and bending or crouching. You would be surprised how many men don't test this until their wedding day only to experience an embarrassing rip in an unfortunate place.

2. The Stag Do

Consult with the groom about who he would like to celebrate his stag do with. Also, what kind of thing he has in mind. Is he thinking about a simple night out or a more elaborate weekend away ? Consider peoples budgets and circumstances when arranging the stag do and be understanding, everyone is different. Ages and mobility may also be a factor when deciding what to do. Book the stag do preferably for a couple of months before the wedding day, gone are the days of grooms turning up late or in a hungover condition.

3. Support for the Groom

On the days leading up to and especially on the wedding day, be there to support the groom emotionally. It is one of your duties to ensure things run smoothly on the day. Offer to be a point of contact on the day to deal with any last minute queries. It is better for you to deal with any problems and keep the groom stress free. The groomsmen will look to you for organisation, checking everyone is dressed correctly and to ensure everyone arrives on time.

4. The Rings

Probably the most important job you have is to look after the rings and ensure their safety until the point they are required during the ceremony. It is often tempting to pretend you have lost them, but the bride and groom will probably not thank you for giving them this kind of shock, save the jokes for your speech.

5. The Speech

The best man traditionally gives the last speech of the breakfast. Often a time of hilarity with tales of the grooms past deeds, the trick is strike the right balance between laughter and emotion. Take time to write the speech and speak to others for material and advice on what you should or shouldn't include. It is also the job of the best man to toast the bridesmaids, compliment them on how great they look and what a brilliant job they have done on the day.

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