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Charlotte & Jake's Pirate Handfasting

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

When Charlotte & Jake told us they were renewing their vows for their 5th wedding anniversary with a pirate hand fasting ceremony on the deck of the Kajsamoor tall ship in Charlestown Harbour in Cornwall, we just knew we would move heaven and earth to be there !

As we were on holiday in Yorkshire the week before, we decided to sacrifice our last day and travel down to Cornwall the day before their ceremony so we could be well rested and refreshed for the day.

The morning dawned with torrents of rain and wind, but we were hopeful it would ease off for their ceremony in the afternoon.

Luck was with us. Although still rather overcast it did slowly dry up. Guests started arriving along with our bride.

Including members of the Pirates of St Piran

Now, we only needed our groom, and there was not long to wait, as he arrived with a big bang.

The hand fasting ceremony followed, and was a beautiful, spiritual experience we were honoured to be a part of.

Photographs of the ceremony participants and the happy couple followed.

The couple and their guests then made their way to Lovedays restaurant for their reception with entertainment provided by the Pirates of St Piran.

Lovedays put on an amazing spread of food for everyone

The first dance proved just how much Charlotte and Jake mean to each other and that they were meant to be together.

They were then joined by their guests to dance the night away.

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