8 Tips For Choosing Your Bridesmaids

The role of a bridesmaid is a serious thing. Yes, you will have many laughs together, but you also need their help and support on the day. So, how do you choose who will be your bridesmaids ? Read on for some hints, tips and advice to help you get started.

1. Numbers.

First and foremost, ideally how many bridesmaids would you like ? Remember, if you are buying their outfits, the higher the number, the higher the cost.

2. Think about family.

Yes, it is lovely to be surrounded by family, but if like me you have a dozen or more cousins it can be very difficult to choose one or two, without upsetting everyone else.

3. Who are you closest to ?

Do you have a small group of friends who you are as close to as you can be ? Or it may be just one person who you cannot imagine getting married without their presence.

4. Childhood friends.

Do you have that one friend or group of friends who have been there basically all your life ? The people who have watched you grow up, faced lifes challenges with you, shared your highs and lows.

5. Be careful of choosing very opinionated friends.

Consider, are they the type of person to try and take over your wedding planning and push their ideas on to you ? You don't want to lose your dream wedding because someone else planned your day to suit their dream wedding.

6. Flower girls and page boys.

Do you have small children yourself, or close family with small children ? Little flower girls and page boys look absolutely adorable, but make sure there are people on hand during preparations to look after them. The last thing you need is to be running a creche and all that entails when you are trying to get ready yourself.

7. Maid of Honour

Decide if you want one. Then from all your bridesmaids choose someone who is a good organiser, practical and sensible. This may sound boring, but on your big day it is great to have someone else take control and make sure everyone is dressed and ready when they need to be.

8. Bridesmaids Roles

Once you have decided who will be your Maid of Honour (if you are having one), give the rest of the girls roles or jobs to do on the day. This way they all feel special because they have a role to play. Whether they are co-ordinating dress fittings, hair trials, arranging snacks for whilst you all get ready, the more you can involve them and take some stress away from yourself the better.

Once you have chosen your bridesmaids, you may want to take them with you when you go dress shopping. This blog will help them and you to make it the wonderful experience it should be. "11 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping"

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