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8 Tips For Choosing Your Bridesmaids

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Choosing your bridesmaids is a big deal! Sure, there will be loads of giggles and fun times, but you also need a reliable squad who’s got your back on the big day. So, how do you pick your dream team? Keep reading for some fab hints, tips, and advice to get you started on assembling your bridal crew!

1. Numbers.

First things first: how many bridesmaids do you actually want? Keep in mind, if you’re footing the bill for their fabulous outfits, more bridesmaids means more money. So, choose wisely and consider your budget!

2. When Choosing Your Bridesmaids, Think about family.

Yes, having family by your side is wonderful, but if you're swimming in cousins like Helen is, choosing just one or two without ruffling feathers can be tough. So, think beyond family! Consider your besties from college, your work BFF, or that friend who’s been with you through thick and thin. They can be amazing bridesmaids too!

3. Who’s in your inner circle?

Maybe you have a tight-knit group of friends who are practically family, or maybe there's just that one special person you can't imagine saying "I do" without. Think about who’s closest to your heart and who you absolutely need by your side on your big day!

4. Childhood friends.

Got that one friend or a whole squad who's been there since day one? The people who've seen you grow up, tackled life's rollercoaster with you, and shared all your epic highs and lows. They're practically your ride-or-die crew!

5. Be careful of choosing very opinionated friends.

Think about it: are they the kind who might hijack your wedding planning and push their own ideas on you? You don't want your dream day turning into someone else’s vision board. Keep your wedding your own!

6. Flower girls and page boys.

Got little ones of your own or close family with tiny tots? Flower girls and page boys are adorable, but you’ll need extra hands to keep an eye on them during the chaos of getting ready. The last thing you want is to be running a daycare while trying to slip into your wedding dress!

7. Maid of Honour

First, decide if you want one. Then, from your bridesmaid squad, pick someone who's an organizing wizard, practical, and level-headed. We know it sounds a bit boring, but trust us, on your big day, having someone else take charge and ensure everyone’s dressed and ready on time is a total lifesaver!

8. Bridesmaids Roles

After picking your Maid of Honour (if you’re having one), assign the rest of your girls some fun roles for the big day. This way, everyone feels special with a job to do. Whether it’s coordinating dress fittings, organizing hair trials, or arranging snacks for the pre-wedding prep, the more you involve them, the less stress you’ll have. Plus, it makes the whole experience even more memorable for everyone!

Once you have chosen your bridesmaids, you may want to take them with you when you go dress shopping. This blog will help them and you to make it the wonderful experience it should be. "11 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping"

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