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11 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Most people dream of what they will wear on their wedding day. Some have a fixed image of how they will look, others of us have no idea what we want or where to start when it comes to wedding dress shopping. Read on for our top tips to help you get started.

1. We all know how expensive wedding dresses can be so it is important to set your budget before you even leave the house. There is no point trying on dresses that are way out of your budget.

2. When you go shopping for the first time, take just one trusted person with you. Your mum, sister or best friend are always good choices as they will be honest with you.

3. Nobody knows wedding dresses better than the sales consultant, so make sure to listen to their suggestions. They know exactly how and which dresses will suit you perfectly.

4. It is not just about how a dress looks on you, it is also about how it feels. When it's right you will know. It sounds cliche, but it is true.

5. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you want to know why a particular dress is more expensive than all the others, then ask. It is good to appreciate the time and skill that goes into making each dress and the materials that are used. It may be that your sales consultant can show you another dress that is similar to the dress you love, but is less expensive because it uses different materials.

6. It is never easy to choose which shop to buy your dress from. One good idea is to ring the shop in advance. See if you connect with the person on the phone, make sure they are engaged with you and knowledgable. Make them aware of your budget and any particular style of dress, the person on the phone should be able to advise you if they have what you want within your budget. Also, if you are a plus-sized bride make sure to check that they have some samples in your size, it can be very disheartening when a particular shop has nothing available for you to try on.

7. Dress sizes - it is important to note, that the higher end, couture dresses do not run to the standard sizes of today. So although you may be a 10 on the high street, if your wedding dress is couture, it could very well be a completely different size. For this reason when trying on dresses, don't worry about paying too much attention to the size on the label.

8. Always have an open mind when dress shopping. The style and shape you entered the shop with in your mind, is often completely different to the dress you will actually end up buying. So, if the sales consultant suggests something you would never have considered, do listen to them, you may just find it actually is the dress of your dreams.

9. If you have a particular piece of jewellery you have your heart set on wearing, such as your nans necklace or your mums pearls make sure to take it with you to ensure it will work with your chosen dress.

10. If you definitely want a veil on your wedding day, try one on with the dresses you choose, you want everything to work well together on the big day.

11. The last tip is personal to myself. I always knew I did not want the standard white wedding dress, I never wear white, it just isn't me. I searched online for various styles that I liked and then went to a dressmaker. We discussed materials, colours and styles and came up with a design that matched my vision. I ended up with the dress of my dreams, made perfectly to measure and not as expensive as you might think. In the end I paid £1400 in total for my dress, my bridesmaids dress, matching bags, wrap for the bridesmaid and embroidery on the groom and best mans shirts to co-ordinate everything together. The experience was so personal and one I will cherish forever.

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