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A Guide To Wedding Veils

Personally on our wedding day I always knew I would not be wearing a veil, my style of dress just would not have been complimented by a veil.

This should be a big factor when you consider whether to have a veil or not....will it suit your overall look ? Once you have decided that yes, you want a veil you enter a whole minefield of length and style. Read on for some ideas and inspiration to help you on this all important journey.

1. The birdcage veil

If you want a veil but don't want the hastle of something that can get in the way or be caught by the wind, then a birdcage veil is ideal for you, very chic and stylish too.

Image kindly supplied by Fairytales Photography

Images kindly supplied by Paul Swift Photography

Image kindly supplied by Damien Lovegrove

2.Shoulder Length Veil

The perfect choice if your dress has a lot of detail, especially on the back, such as beading or intricate lace detail. These veils normally measure around 20 inches in length.

3. Elbow Length Veil

Usually 25 inches in length, this one is considered the universal go to length for many brides. Long enough to create an impact but short enough to be more manageable. The perfect choice if you have a ballgown style dress as it stops where the skirt of your dress starts.

4. Fingertip Length Veil

A very flattering length at 36 inches and perfect for dresses without a train.

5. Knee Length Veil

Usually 45 inches in length, the perfect choice for a fitted dress without a train to add impact to your ensemble.

6. Floor Length Veil

Floor length veils should just brush the floor at around 72 inches long. This beautiful flowing fabric adds elegance and a little volume to your look.

7. Cathedral Length Veil

The ultimate in style and elegance for any bride wishing to make a statement. This veil usually measures between 120 and 144 inches and extends past the train of the dress.

8. Blusher veil

This is the name given to the part of the veil which covers your face and is then lifted early in the ceremony to reveal your glowing beauty.

Our Top Tips When Choosing A Veil

Your gown should not be overpowered by your veil..

If your gown is a simpler design you can go more elaborate with the veil and have it embellished with crystals or diamantes.

Decide on your hairstyle for the day before choosing your veil. 

If your hairstyle is big dramatic curls, then pin your veil to the top of your head for the best results.

When going for your hair trial make sure to take your veil and any accessories like tiaras along with you .

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