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7 Ways To Be A Good Bridesmaid

It's an exciting time being asked to be a bridesmaid, but if you have never done it before, just how do you support the bride in the best way possible ?

1. Understand the brides desires and dreams for her wedding day

Keep an eye on social media and tag her in on anything you think will be of interest. Create Pinterest boards with her for inspiration and ideas to help with planning. Get involved early on so you can b a sounding board for her and an extra set of eyes when searching for things.

2. Be Sociable

Make sure you have contact details for all the other bridesmaids and arrange get togethers so you can all get to know each other before the big day. Also, you need to be in contact with each other so you can arrange the all important Hen Do, assuming the bride wants one.

3. Find out what the bride needs from you

Have a chat very early on to find out how much support she needs and wants from you. She may want help planning everything, but it may be that she wants to do it all with her partner. As long as you know in advance, you will know how best to help and support her.

4. The all important dress

What are the brides expectations ? Does she expect you to go with her when choosing her dress ? Again, find out right at the start and what her ideal timetable is for this. That way you can hopefully schedule in your diary when you are likely to be needed for this and avoid booking anything else for those days.

5. Be tactful

When asked for your opinion, don't be silent, but also don't be blatantly blunt. Think before you speak and consider in advance of the day the sort of things you can say in a tactful way.

6. Stress Busting

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful things you will ever do. Make sure to help the bride keep things on a level footing. If you see her getting overwhelmed with things arrange something totally unrelated to the wedding to give her a break. Maybe as simple as going out for coffee and cake, or a girly night at the cinema.

7. The Wedding Day

Remember it is the couples big day and although they will want you to enjoy it too, remember you have a role to play too. During preparations ensure the bride eats and drinks ( and not just alcohol). Stay calm and be ready to handle any problems or queries that come up. Give all the suppliers on the day your contact details so they can talk to you rather than stressing out the bride. Be sociable, chat with guests, make everyone feel welcome. Be the first on the dance floor and encourage others to join you, there is nothing worse than the DJ playing to an empty room.

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