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7 Top Tips For Rescheduling Your Wedding Due To Coronavirus

With so many couples having to make the heartbreaking, difficult decision to postpone their wedding day we thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips and inspiration for how to move forward.

1. You don't need a set new date to postpone your current date.

Having spent months, sometimes years planning your wedding, there is absolutely no need to rush into confirming a new date as soon as you postpone. Take the time to decide if you still want the same time of year. With the additional time to possibly increase your budget, you may want to consider looking at a time of year you really do prefer. Let your guests know the wedding is being postponed as soon as possible and that you will confirm the new date when you know it. Either by phone or email, or if you prefer something a little more traditional how about these cards from Jess at Paper Ballards ?

2. Think about who your guests are and the travelling involved

With most of us having at least some guests who are considered vulnerable, seriously consider postponing to a realistic date in a years time when they are more likely to be able to attend safely and without undue risk to their health. The other option is to have them join by video link so they can remain safely in their own home.

3. Consider your budget carefully and rebook what you can afford

With so many being furloughed or self-employed you may well be having to tighten your purse strings. Lots of vendors are working with their couples to accommodate new dates with little or no additional costs. But, we are all in un-chartered territory and uncertain times so some give and take may be needed. Think about what parts of your wedding are most important to you and look at those first.

4. Enjoy the extra time you have for planning

It may well be that postponing your date will give you extra time to save up and maybe add that photo booth, entertainment or live band you really wanted originally but just could not afford. Make the most of this extra time as well and enjoy being an engaged couple for just a bit longer.

5. DIY additional items

With all this extra time on your hands you may want to get creative and make some of your decor and centrepieces yourself. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas and inspiration, and the added bonus is making things yourself will ultimately save you money as well.

6. Take control

You may not be in control of having to postpone your wedding date, but you are most definitely in control of your wedding celebrations. Your wedding will happen and be as wonderful as you always wanted it to be. So breathe and remember...you've got this !

7. And Finally

Don't forget to celebrate on your original wedding date, for some inspiration check out our blog post "11 Ways To Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date When You Have Had To Postpone" here.

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