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11 Ways To Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date When You Have Had To Postpone

Updated: Feb 8

It is a strange time we all find ourselves living in. So surreal and disappointing for all of you who are having to postpone your weddings. Yes, it is stressful and sad, but your wedding day will happen, not on the day you originally planned, but at a time when it is safe for you, your family and friends to all get together and party like never before.

Sending out postponement cards like these beautiful designs from Jess at Paper Ballards is a great place to start.

But in the meantime, do something special to mark your original date, don't let the day just pass you by like any other. Here we give you just a few ideas to get you thinking and planning.

1. Ceremony at home

You can still have a ceremony at home on your intended wedding day. Many celebrants such as Kelly Hawes

and Susan Dobinson

are now offering an online ceremony service. You can broadcast it to all your family and friends and still have a celebration. So get in touch with them and see hoow they can help you.

Vikki at Your Wedding Friend is also getting together with a number of suppliers to create small packages with everything included for a home ceremony. Have a chat with her to see what she can offer you.

2. Create a signature cocktail

Spend some together and create a cocktail that you both love, you can then include it on your wedding day in the future. You could play with colours as well to create a drink that matches your wedding colour scheme.

3. Host a Zoom party

Get all your family and friends together on Zoom and have a virtual party. If you have done number 2, why not send them all the recipe and toast the day with it together ? You could also ask everyone to dress up to match your wedding colour scheme, maybe even give a prize to the most inventive outfit.

4. Send each other love letters

Write your intended a love letter and give them to each other in the morning.

5. Have your cake and eat it

You may not have your full wedding cake, but why not make or buy a small cake in your chosen flavour or flavours and share it on the day ? Maybe even add a glass of bubbly to drink with it.

6. Recreate your first date

What was your first date ? A trip to the cinema, a romantic meal out or a walk in the park ? Whatever it was, within the confines of social distancing you can still recreate that date whilst also creating a lovely new memory together. You may have to get a little creative which will also fill some of the endless time we all have on our hands now.

7. Date night

Have a date night or even the whole day at home. Go for a romantic walk (do this as your once a day exercise), cuddle up on the sofa and watch a film together or maybe plan and cook a romantic candle lit dinner together.

8. Breakfast in bed

Plan to have breakfast in bed and a lazy morning together. Make it continental style with cured meats, cheeses, fresh fruit and pastries so neither one of you has to cook and you can prepare the vast majority of it the day before and keep it in the fridge overnight.

9. Ban housework for the day

It's a special day, so don't fill it with mundane chores and housework.

10. Practice posing together and take photos

Just enjoy being together and practice posing....in front of a mirror is great to see how you look. Don't forget to take plenty of selfies so you can show your photographers what you like ready for when your big day does arrive.

11. Play your favourite songs and dance together

Play your wedding day music and have your first dance, maybe even several dances together....it's great exercise as well.

If you are in the process of deciding to reschedule your wedding then this blog may well help "7 Top Tips For Rescheduling Your Wedding"

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