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Where it all began - Part 1

Updated: May 22, 2019

The first wedding we were hired and paid for.

A message came through to our camera club from the lovely Bryony looking for photographers to capture her wedding to David at Great Lodge, Anne of Cleves Barn in Great Bardfield. At this point we had photographed weddings for friends and family, but did not have the business set up or anything. After some email conversations Bryony and David decided to put their trust in us and arranged a meeting to discuss everything. So, along we went with a notepad and a few prints. From that very first meeting we were made to feel so welcome and a connection was formed. We instantly rushed out and bought a couple of new lenses to upgrade the equipment we already had, most importantly our 17-70mm lenses which we still use today as one of our main go to lenses for weddings.

More meetings with Bryony and her parents followed, Bryony and David were based in Ireland at that time and so meetings were often short notice affairs when Bryony was flying home to visit her parents and continue with wedding arrangements. During these meetings it became very clear our bride did not want posed photographs as she felt this would take time away from socialising and partying with her wedding guests. A compromise was reached as parents of both bride and bridegroom dearly wanted some family group shots taken. We promised we would not tie them up for endless lengths of time posing, but knew it would be a challenge to try and capture all the guests over the course of the day with no set shot list.

A visit to their chosen wedding venue, showed just how much potential there was at this venue and how many beautiful photographs could be achieved with a bride and bridegroom who wanted to spend time away for private shots, something we made copious notes about for any future weddings we might get to photograph at this venue.

Concentrating on Bryony and David's day, we knew we would definitely have our big zoom lenses with us as there is so much space to play with we could easily stay in the background photographing the guests in a relaxed manner from a distance without them even knowing it was happening.

The day finally arrived, warm but somewhat overcast. So, full of nerves and anticipation, we made an early start, loading the car up with everything we could possibly think we might need, and arrived at Great Lodge just after 9am. Rebecca and her staff were busy efficiently getting everything set up, and this is when we first met Mary from Weddings by Mary. Bryony had hired Mary to co-ordinate on the day and she was nothing short of amazing, a real pleasure to work with. Along with us, she was pretty much the first one there and she was still there when we left at 10pm.

We took, what has become our normal first thing wander around the venue to reacquaint ourselves and check the grounds for any changes or spongy patches that we would want to avoid with our bride and her dress. Then it was time to grab the cameras and start recording the details of their set up. Mum had grown all the flowers in her garden and they looked beautiful on the day. Bryony had found some great jugs to display some of them in the window sconces around the barns interior. The couple had home made sloe gin and chutney on the tables as wedding favours for the adults and sweets for the children. This was the first time we saw a wedding cheese cake and what a brilliant idea for something just a bit different from the sweet varieties which are more common.

Guests were now arriving and walking through the vineyards to get to the ceremony location.

Along with the bridegroom and his brother, who was also his best man

The bride arrived by taxi at the lodge house to meet her transport to the ceremony....a tractor ! As Bryony and David both had connections with Young Farmers, this was the perfect mode of transport for her along with her dad and sister as bridesmaid.

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If you are getting married at Great Lodge, Bardfield and want a local photographer who has experience of working at the venue, then get in touch here, and lets chat.

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