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Lucy & Neisha's Christmas Wedding

December 2016 we travelled up to Macclesfield, Noel's hometown for this very special wedding. We were hired by Lucy's parents (Noel's childhood friends) to surprise them on their wedding day and supply their wedding photography.

The day dawned crisp and bright and we headed off to the Registry Office. Popping in at the Town Hall next door, we cheekily asked if we could do some photos inside on their grand staircase and as they had no weddings that day they agreed. Just goes to show it is always worth asking.

Everyone expected Neisha to be in a suit, so when she arrived in a stunning white wedding dress we were all blown away.

A nervous few minutes past whilst we waited for Lucy's arrival, all wondering what she would be wearing. Again we were not disappointed. Another stunning white dress. And the surprise on Lucy's face when she realised we were there to do her photography was wonderful.

It was an intimate ceremony, with close family and friends.

They loved the fact we had spoken to the Town Hall and were able to do some photos on the staircase there.

Next on the list was a visit to the local park complete with confetti and bubbly, all secretly arranged with Lucy's mum, Sharon. Opening the bottle caused many laughs as Lucy's dad, Paul had some minor struggles with it. Just goes to show, even when things don't go completely to plan you can still get some great unrehearsed photos for your album.

And we will never forget the moment they both realised there was confetti in their glasses.

Photos in the winter sunshine with their family and friends followed.

Then we were off again for an afternoon drinks reception at The Mandarina Bar & Kitchen where Neisha's brother and sister turned up to surprise her.

It was a wonderful day and one we would not have missed for anything, topped off by finding this mirror in the bar for a final special photograph.

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