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How To Keep Your Essex Summer Wedding Cool

Your Essex summer wedding is a dream come true, but those record-breaking temperatures we've seen in recent years can be a real challenge. How do you keep everyone cool and safe from the blazing sun? Don't worry! We've got you covered with our top tips, tricks, and hints to beat the heat and keep the celebration going smoothly.

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1. Keep Hydrated

We cannot stress enough the importance of everyone staying properly hydrated on your wedding day. On exceptionally hot days we would even go so far as to suggest having bottles of water on each seat for your outdoor ceremony.

Drink stations around your venue with iced water and soft drinks will be much appreciated by all.

Plenty of iced water on the tables so guests can have water as well as alcohol to create a good balance.

2. Don't Be Blinded By Love Or The Sun

Why not spice up your wedding with sunglasses as favors or photo props? Choose an array of vibrant colors to protect your guests' eyes from the bright sunlight and add a playful touch to your photos. No one wants to see a bunch of squinting faces in their wedding album! Plus, these fun accessories will ensure everyone looks cool and stylish in every shot.

3. Sun Cream

Dotting little boxes of sunscreen around your venue is a brilliant way to remind guests to reapply and avoid getting sunburned. For a practical and thoughtful wedding favor, consider giving out small tubes or pots of after-sun lotion. It’s a great way to keep everyone comfortable and safe, plus your guests will appreciate the extra care!

4. Ice Cream Van For Your Essex Summer Wedding

An ice cream van, like the charming one from JB Ices, is a fantastic way to treat your Essex summer wedding guests to a refreshing and sweet dessert. It’s a fun addition that not only helps everyone cool down but also provides amazing photo opportunities. Imagine the smiles and joy as everyone enjoys their favorite flavors on your special day!

5. Play hunt the shade

Consider adding parasols for you and your guests, setting up a covered drinks area, and arranging patio tables with umbrellas. Striking the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor spaces gives everyone the option to enjoy the sunshine or retreat inside to escape the heat. It’s all about creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your big day!

6. A Breath Of Fresh Air

Paper fans or mini handheld fans make practical and thoughtful wedding favors to help everyone stay cool. For an extra touch of comfort, consider hiring air conditioning units to keep the spaces refreshingly cool. Your guests will thank you as they enjoy the celebration in comfort and style!

Lady in red with a paper fan

7. Consider Wedding Attire

Opt for light and airy fabrics that you can layer for cooler evenings. Your guests will also appreciate a relaxed dress code, allowing them to dress comfortably for the weather. Keeping things breezy and laid-back ensures everyone enjoys your special day without melting in the heat!

8. Your wedding dress

When choosing your wedding dress, keep the season in mind and opt for a lighter design if you're getting married in the summer. While veils look stunning, they add extra weight, as does a long train. You'll want to feel comfortable and elegant without the extra burden!

Bride and sister hug each other in the sunshine at Great Lodge in Bardfield

9. Grooms Attire

Consider swapping the traditional three-piece suit for something more summer-friendly, like tailored shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics to keep cool and stylish on your big day. Embrace the season with a fresh and comfortable look!

Groom and best man in navy suits with pale pink shirts and bow ties at Great Lodge in Bardfield

10. Cover metal chairs

If your outdoor venue has metal chairs, make sure to hire chair covers. Hot metal and blazing sunshine are not a combination anyone wants to experience. Keep your guests comfortable and stylish with covered seating!

Outdoor ceremony space chairs decorated with white covers and pale red chair bows at Sturmer Hall

11. Bridal Summer Hairstyles

Elaborate, high hairstyles can struggle in the heat. Instead, consider an elegant chignon or a chic low ponytail. These styles not only look stunning but also help you stay cool and comfortable throughout your special day!

12. Flower crowns - yes or no ?

If your wedding day is set to be an absolute scorcher, you might want to skip the flower crowns, which can wilt quickly in the sun. Instead, consider heat-friendly alternatives like delicate hair vines, sparkling tiaras, or elegant headbands. These options will keep you looking fresh and fabulous all day long, no matter how hot it gets!

Bride gazes down showing off her pastel flower crown ready for her summer wedding at Great Lodge in Bardfield

13. Bouquets and Floral Displays

To keep your flowers fresh, place centerpieces in vases of water or soaked oasis. For indoor flower arches, use spritz bottles to keep them hydrated. Avoid spritzing outdoor flowers, as the sun can scorch the water droplets and cause them to wilt. Keep your bouquet in water until you're ready to use it, and remember to dry the stems with paper towels to prevent any drips from marking your dress.

14. Bouquet Toss

If you have a separate small bouquet for tossing ask your venue to store it in a fridge so it stays fresh until you want it later in the day.

Bouquet toss at Warley Park Golf Club

15. Outdoor photos

Avoid the heat of the day for your photoshoot! Consider scheduling your portraits and group photos later in the day when it's cooler. The lower sun angle during golden hour will give you those dreamy, golden-lit photos everyone loves. If you opt for later portraits, make sure to store your flowers in a cool place to keep them fresh. Alternatively, you can skip them in photos altogether—digital cameras capture every detail, so any wilting or browning edges will show up. Keep it fresh and flawless for picture-perfect memories!

16. Wedding cake melt-downs

We have seen our fair share of cakes melting in the heat. Keep it somewhere cool until you are ready for the cake cutting to take place.

Bride and groom cut their cake on the dancefloor at Gosfield Lakes Golf Club

17. Paddling Pools

Set up paddling polls in the shade for guests to cool their feet.

Close up of a yellow rubber duck in a paddling pool

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