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Fun & Creative Wedding Photography Ideas

Times have changed, no longer do you just get stiff and boring wedding photographs with cringe worthy smiles. Often the best photos are spontaneous and un-posed. Don't be afraid to discuss your ideas with your photographer.....we love nothing more than getting inventive and creative to give you something a little fun and different.

Also, if you are planning on a surprise of some sort do make sure to let us know so we are prepared for it and can capture all the fun as it unfolds.


Confetti can be used in lots of different ways, not just the standard shots outside the ceremony. You can also have confetti cannons and streamers for a more dramatic impact. We often distribute cannons to strategically placed guests (usually adults or well supervised older children) to get a good spread. Many of these ideas are guided by the venue and their rules so do check with them to see what they do allow.


Bubbles make a great alternative to confetti and are eco friendly too ! Brilliant for keeping children of all ages entertained whilst adding a little magic to your photos. We carry bubble wands for all our weddings and even if they are not used for staged wedding photos they are still given to children on what can be a long day for them.


If you are planning any little surprises do make sure to tell us, your photographers so we are ready for the fun to begin.

Pets & Animals

If your venue allows it, then why not include your fur babies on your special day too ? They are a huge part of your family and make such a special addition to your wedding day.

Or why not check out a venue like The Great Lodge at Bardfield who allow wedding parties to feed the resident alpacas or Parklands at Quendon who arrange feeding of the deer in their parkland for your wedding day ?

One other great idea.....why not get on touch with the team at Imperial Birds of Prey and have one of their Barn owls to deliver your wedding rings ?

Crystal Ball

A crystal ball is just one of many items we carry on a wedding day. We don't always use it, but it's great to have little extra props to add to your experience and give you something that little bit different.

Venue and Props

You have chosen your venue for a reason and we like to make the most of it on your day, always looking for new ways to give you photos that are different from other couples who have married there before.

Most Importantly......Have Fun

Yes it is a wedding, which is an important occasion with some serious parts to it, but that does not mean you can't have fun too ! Be spontaneous, laugh and joke with everyone....unplanned photos are often some of the best on the day, but tell the story of your day in the most natural way possible.

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