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10 Tips For Your Wedding Morning

The morning of your wedding can be very intense and stressful, so having a few pointers and a plan will help to reduce this. Here are our top tips to help your morning go by in a breeze of fun and laughter.

1. Have A Plan

Work out everything you need to do on the morning and how long each task will take, then write out a schedule allowing extra time for overruns. Working backwards for planning is a great idea too. You have to be at the ceremony at X time so work back from there.

2. Food

Make sure to eat breakfast. We cannot stress this one enough ! Yes, you probably won;t fancy eating much, but you don't need the full on, carb filled full english which will probably just leave you feeling bloated anyway. A light breakfast of fruit, a piece of toast or a bagel is fine. You could even have a bowl of your favourite dry breakfast cereal sitting beside you to nibble on. Eating anything will make all the difference and leave you more energised for the day ahead.

3. Drink

Carry a bottle of water with you. Keeping hydrated will make you feel better, your make up will stay on better, and your skin will look fresher. You can even have personalised water bottles made up for you and your bridal party ?

4. Photographing All The Details.

Lay out everything for your photographer to capture all those little details. It is also a great way for you to check everything is where it needs to be. Also, if you have it all ready in advance your photographer won't have to keep disturbing to ask where something is.

5. Have A Music Playlist

Set up your playlist before the day full of your favourite tunes. You can even enlist the help of your bridal party asking for their choices too, that way you will have something for everyone to enjoy and sing along to.

6. Bridesmaids First

Have your bridesmaids get ready first. You want to be as fresh as you can be and as the saying goes "Save The Best Til Last" This also means they are there to help you with any last minute details and not rushing about sorting themselves out when you need their help. We recommend hair first then make up. hair is easier to touch up than make up.

7. Time For A Little Fizz

When you are all ready make time in your schedule for toasting with some bubbles or your favourite drink. It makes for great relaxed photos too.

8. Photocall

Make sure you have allowed time in your schedule for those all important photos of the bridal party. You can get many of them done and dusted now which means more time after the ceremony for you to relax and socialise with all your wedding guests.

9. Enjoy This Time

You have your girls with you, the best friends and family who have always been a part of your life. Make this time with them, your last as a single lady special. Enjoy the moment and have some fun together.

10. Make Time Just For You

Your wedding day can be exhausting so make some time for you alone. It can be very first thing in the morning before everyone else is awake or just after you are all ready. Just a few moments to yourself with nobody else there making demands of your time or asking questions.

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