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Wedding Trends for 2022

As we say goodbye to 2021, and for many it will not be with sadness, but with hope for what the new year will bring, we thought we'd share our ideas on what we think will be the trends in weddings for 2022.

Open Sided Tents & Marquees for Wedding Receptions

With us all having been more aware of our surroundings and the importance of good ventilation and fresh air, we are definitely expecting to see this continue for this year. Prested Hall has a beautiful marquee, perfect for warm summer days.

Meaningful Wedding Cake Flavours

With so many flavour choices, more and more couples are opting for flavours with a true meaning for them, such as the taste of the cocktails they shared on their first date, or their favourite sweet flavour.

Less Traditional Weddings

Having had so many restrictions for the last 18 months, more couples have turned to celebrant led weddings which by nature have far less restrictions and we do not expect this to decline.

Smaller, Statement Wedding Cakes

With smaller weddings have come smaller, more detailed wedding cakes. Couples have been able to let their imaginations flow, and have a bigger budget for details with fewer guests to feed. For larger receptions we envisage a larger plane cake in the background to be able to feed everyone, but cutting a much smaller, statement cake. These gorgeous cakes are by the very talented Angela Jane Cake Design

(The black cake was photographed by Peachportmanphotography)

Gravity-defying Cakes

On the flip side of smaller statement cakes, is the trend for gravity defying, over the top wedding cakes. The more layers the better !

Back Garden Weddings

With the rise in celebrant led weddings, more couples have been opting for more personal surroundings where they can control their day completely without having to follow venue or registrar rules.

Weekday Weddings

With the huge backlog of weddings being faced by the industry, such as we have never seen before, we fully expect there to be more weekday weddings as couples rush to get their wedding booked. Yes, it means more difficulties for some guests, but with a little planning and notice people will soon get used to the idea.

Outdoor First Dances

Many weddings last year were only allowed dancing out of doors, and we believe this is a trend that is set to continue, especially in the warmer spring and summer months. If you have your heart set on dancing beneath the stars or as the sun sets, make sure to check your venue can accommodate this. Gosfield Hall pictured below is one venue in Essex that can.

Preserving The Brides Bouquet

Although this option has been around for many years it has seen a revival in the last few years with the advent of bouquets being preserved in acrylic shapes such as hearts. When we got married 18 years ago the only option available that we were aware of was sugar drying and framing. The bouquet sadly lost it's lustre and became dull over the years so we love this more modern idea.

Wedding Celebrations Part Two

With many couples opting for intimate weddings over the last 18 months we expect to see a number of them opting for a reception style wedding celebration on their first anniversary. It's going to be all about the party !

Mobile Bars

With the rise in outdoor/back garden weddings, we have also seen an increase in the number of weddings with a mobile bar. We definitely recommend taking a look at Phoenix Belles.....with no hire fee and no minimum spend you are certainly on to a winner.

Winter Weddings

With many spring and summer dates taken up already due to postponements, there will be an increase in the number of winter weddings. Why not go even further and embrace the richness and vibrance of a full christmas themed wedding ?

For more ideas for your wedding theme "8 Ideas To Help You Choose Your Wedding Theme"

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