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Our Top 13 Wedding Trends For 2021

Many of next years wedding are undoubtedly going to be influenced by the events of this year and the Coronavirus pandemic, whether that be the rise of the intimate wedding or the total opposite all out over the top celebration. Because of this, you will find trends relating to both of these options and everything in between.

1. Buying Local

We have all watched small local businesses struggling this year and some sadly closing their doors for good. As a result, many of us are now actively buying locally to support the economy directly around us and this will naturally roll over into weddings.

2. Personal Gestures

With intimate weddings, that are more meaningful now than ever, you can take the time to write little personal thank you notes to all your guests and design your favours to suit each guest individually. How about biscuits with personalised quotes on them ? You can find these beautiful designs and more from Mel's Cakes & bakes

3. Wedding traditions make a welcome return

Most industry colleagues we have spoken to all agree on this one. Couples are looking at their local church where they may have childhood memories of key events. Statement flower arches and simple meadow flowers up the aisle are top on many lists. Dresses are classic and inspired by timeless elegance.

4. Family Heirlooms

Bridal jewellery is either a treasured possession like a pearl necklace from a loved one, maybe worn by mum or grandmother on their wedding day...or brides are having bespoke statement pieces designed for them which will become their family heirlooms of the future.

5. Wedding Experiences.

Couples are thinking about how they can add the wow factor to their big day by creating unique experiences for their guests like glitter bars, horsebox cocktail bars, fire-eaters, owl ring deliveries, petting zoos, s'mores bars, grazing tables, tarot or crystal ball readers. There really is no end to the ideas you can come up with. If you want your rings delivered by an Owl then make sure to chat with Imperial Birds Of Prey who have years of experience. You can also upgrade to add a short owl handling experience for your guests.

6. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

More and more of us are aware that this amazing planet we call home needs our help and are therefore looking for ways to incorporate that into our celebrations. When it comes to food and drink look for locally grown and produced thus reducing the miles it will travel. Or arrange to plant a tree to celebrate your wedding to help reduce your carbon footprint.

7. Glamour

Statement jewellery pieces and sparkling hair accessories will be top of the list for many brides evoking a return to the glamour of Hollywood.

8. Make it Large

For those brides who have had to postpone their weddings, or pushback the start of their wedding planning journey there will be the urge to go big after the long unexpected wait. Full on party mode and over-sized decor elements will be in attendance at many a wedding.

9. Ambience That Sets The Mood

Creating a truly immersive experience that sets the mood for your wedding from the beginning. A castle filled with candles and fairy lights, velvet table runners and extravagant floral displays with pampas grasses to create a complete sense of aura to tantalise the senses. These photos are from a visit to the beautiful Hedingham Castle

and show just what can be achieved with the right budget and inspiration.

10. Classical and Luxurious Dresses

Think Duchesse satin, classic demure lines, defined by the luxury of a perfectly fitted corset designed with you and your dress in mind. A true harmony of layers to create the perfect look.

11. Long Veils

Having waited so long for their day many brides will be going all out with long cathedral length veils to complete their overall statement look. The dreamy sweep of lace with personalised embellishments. Think about symbols and flowers that have a meaning to you and have them embroidered on to your veil for that personal touch.

12. Single Tier Wedding Cakes

With smaller weddings the need for 3 tiered cakes to feed all your guests will be diminished. But, you can still have a showstopper cake with just one tier and some creativity. Or maybe, make your cake look like it has tiers by using false layers instead.

13. Pretty Pastels

With many weddings more likely to take place in late spring or the summer months, we are expecting to see a rise in pretty pastel colours to match the season.

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