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A Day Out With The Seals At Horsey - Or, How To Beat The Wedding Day Blues

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Following on from our blog post in November all about how to beat the wedding day blues, we decided to share some of our fun days out and hopefully give you some inspiration to continue your journey as a couple making some great memories along the way.

As many of you know we love getting out and about with nature and wildlife. One of our favourite places for this is Horsey Beach to see the Grey Seals. Often this trip takes place on New Years Day and helps blow the cobwebs away with a great walk to get the energy flowing and recharge our spirits after all the overindulgence of Christmas.

This year was no exception, apart from the fact we went last Saturday and not New Years Day....we went to the cinema instead to see the new Star Wars film, another great way to enjoy time as a couple. Who doesn't love a good film, especially when a bag of popcorn is thrown in as well ?

Saturday dawned a bright sunny day, but since previous visits had always been somewhat cold and windy, specially on the beach side of the dunes we rugged up as usual and set off for Horsey. We arrived in just over 2 hours having had an easy drive with no real hold ups on the road to speak of.

The walk to the beach is very like a farm track and a popular one with local dog owners as there are no concerns about vehicles or roads. You soon arrive at the dunes where there is a station set up by The Friends of Horsey Seals with volunteers always willing to answer any questions you may have. Saturday was unusually mild and I definitely felt like an advert for Mr Staypuff in all my layers (if you have ever watched Ghostbusters you will know exactly what I mean)

The main viewing area up on the dunes is a short walk away and always manned by wardens full of great information about the seals and their pups.

We usually walk further along the dunes and go on the beach, always being very cautious and keeping our distance from the seals. Whilst one is photographing, the other one of us is usually keeping a look out to make sure no animals are moving towards us. It is often the case that the pups can be quite curious and start heading in our direction, at which point we move away not wishing to cause any distress to any of the animals on the beach.

It is always wise to remember that these are wild animals and can be unpredictable in their behaviour no matter how cute and cuddly the pups look.

Once again, it was an amazing experience, one we never tire of and would thoroughly recommend for anyone who loves the outdoors and wildlife. The opportunity to see these beautiful animals in their natural environment is a rare privilege.

The walk back to the car is always helped along by the thought of a well deserved drink once we get back to the Nelsons Head which is always busy. Saturday saw it extremely busy with a constant queue of customers at the bar, so we had a quick half of guinness before heading back to the car.

From there we headed back towards home stopping off at The Bridge Inn at Acle for a well earned lunch, both having "The Beast" from their burger menu which we would definitely order again.

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