9 Ultimate Ideas For Your Intimate Wedding

The last couple of years have taught us all to think a bit differently and many couples now realise they don't need a huge wedding. If you are wanting a more intimate wedding then we have some great ideas to help with your wedding planning.

There are many reasons for having a small wedding, .....

An intimate wedding is likely to cost less overall

Having fewer guests means you may well have more money available for the things important to you like say your dress, flowers or photography.

With less guests you will be available to spend more time talking to individual people.

Less people, means less stress and a much more relaxed day.

Considering all of these points is key to deciding on and planning your intimate wedding celebrations. So, how do you plan your day ?

1. Only invite those important to you

The people who really mean something to you are the ones you will want with you on your wedding day. With restricted numbers, most will understand the need to leave out plus ones and have an adult only celebration. Invite those closest family and friends who you cannot possibly imagine getting married without.

2. Exclusive Use Wedding Venues

With an intimate wedding you may well want to think about an exclusive use venue. If you have specifically planned a small celebration, do you really want other people around as well ? Many venues like Gosfield Hall, Layer Marney Tower, Leez Priory and Hedingham Castle have a selection of rooms to suit all sizes of wedding parties.

3. The Wedding Party

With limited guest numbers, you may wish to forgo having bridesmaids or maybe have sisters as your bridal party. This means you can have the best of both worlds without having to reduce your guest numbers further.

4. Live Music

There is nothing like a live band to really create atmosphere, but you may well want to think about a smaller group....if there are too many members in the band it may feel overwhelming compared to the small number of guests. You might like to consider a solo performer or a duet instead.

5. The Menu

With fewer mouths to feed you can probably afford to upgrade the food you are offering, or have top of the range champagne for your toast. Or, you may wish to think outside the box and have something completely different like a champagne picnic or lavish afternoon tea with all the trimmings.

6. Wedding decorations

With fewer tables you can afford to splash out on those elaborate centre pieces and decorations you have always dreamed of.

7. Twilight Wedding Celebrations

You may also wish to reduce the length of the day by having a ceremony at sunset followed by a truly intimate candlelit dinner.

8. DIY Your Wedding Favours

As there will be fewer guests on your wedding day, maybe you can spend a little time designing and making your wedding favours so they are really personal to you and your day.

9. Consider A Week Day Wedding

With fewer guests to consider there are less likely to be any problems with having a week day celebration, which is often a cheaper option as well.

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