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6 Ideas For Celebrating Your 5th Wedding Anniversary

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The traditional gift for your 5th wedding anniversary is wood, but that does not mean your gifts have to be stiff and boring. With a little imagination and inspiration you can wow your partner with a gift they will love and cherish for years to come.

In this blog post we give you a few ideas to get your little grey cells thinking outside the box as well as including a few more traditional ideas for you.

1. Engraved wooden gifts

Not only beautiful, but can also be as personalised as you want. You only have to look at Create & Engrave's website to be bowled over with the choices on offer.

2. Wooden furniture

Yes it may seem boring and practical, but if you look at Jim Sharples Furniture you may just change your mind. Their beautiful bespoke items bring out the beauty of the wood in all sorts of ways.

3. Wood burning stoves. bbqs and open fires

The magic of flames dancing in the grate, the wondrous patterns cast by flames around the room. A romantic evening cuddled by the fire. What better way to celebrate your anniversary than with a gift from Yorkshire Fireplaces ?

4. Dedicate A Tree

Have the Woodland Trust plant a tree for you in the National Forest. A gift that keeps on giving for generations to come, not just for us, but for wildlife as well.

5. Wooden Framed Canvases

For a more traditional gift, how about one of our own luxury italian canvases with a choice of wood surrounds ? These can be purchased separately from any of our wedding collections, just contact us for pricing information.

6. A Romantic Walk In The Woods

If funds are tight, why not take a romantic walk in the woods with a picnic to enjoy ?

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