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16 Things To Include In Your Emergency Bridal Kit

There are so many things you may need on your wedding day, but this list is what we would consider to be the bare minimum. Many of these items we carry in our own emergency kit on wedding days, so our brides are always covered, but it never hurts to have your own kit as well.

1. A Sewing Kit

This does not have to be the whole kit and kaboodle, just a little thread, needle, button and safety pin will get you through most little problems on the day. Also, a pair of small scissors is invaluable for cutting out those little tags and labels that have been missed.

2. An Energy Bar or Drink

Many brides are unable to eat much for breakfast on their wedding day because of nerves, so an energy bar or drink is great to give you that little pick me up should you need it.

3. Small deodorant or body spray

With a long day ahead of you a handbag sized spray is a must, specially on long hot summer days. A quick spritz to freshen things up and you're ready to carry on.

4. Gel insoles

Your wedding day is one where you will be on your feet for a huge portion of it, your feet will thank you when you can pop these in your shoes for some added comfort later in the day.

5. Mini Manicure Set

You never know when you might catch a nail or chip your polish no matter how careful you are, having the tools to hand will take care of most problems.

6. Clear Nail Varnish

If you are wearing tights or stockings on your wedding day then clear nail polish is a must to stop those little snags turning into major ladders and holes.

7. Spare Jewellery

It is not unknown for smaller items to just disappear on your wedding day. In the rush of packing everything ready for your preparations at the venue all too often we have known jewellery be missed. If you pack a spare set in your kit you will always have something to wear.

8. Fashion Tape

Many brides still lose a little weight after their final dress fitting. Having some fashion tape to hand should correct any minor problems on your wedding day.

9. Mints or breath spray

With so much going on and chatting it is not uncommon to get a dry mouth which can ultimately lead to bad breath. A quick mint or squirt of breath way is definitely in order, specially just before the ceremony.

10. Medicine

You don;t need the full contents of your bathroom cabinet but a couple of painkillers and possibly hay fever tablets won't go amiss. Also, if you have to take any regular medication, make sure to pop it in your kit.

11. Face Wipes and Hand Sanitiser

If your having a summer outdoor wedding, then having some wet wipes for a quick freshen up are a must, specially when you don't always have time to pop anywhere for a proper cool down.

12. Earring backs

These pesky little pieces all too often go missing, so having a couple of spares in your kit is a must.

13. Cotton Buds

Great for correcting those little mistakes as well as runs of mascara or eyeliner, specially on a hot summers day.

14. Tissues

A wedding day is full of emotion and even happy tears need to be wiped away sometimes.

15. Small hairbrush or comb

For those times when you need to quickly sort your hairstyle, but don't have time to head back to your room.

16. Compact Mirror

For those moments when you need to quickly fix a few stray hairs or touch up your make-up but don;t have time to nip to the bathroom.

And, of course, a little clutch or zip bag to store it all in is needed. Why not have a chat with Emma from Events by the Emporium and have a personalised one made for your special day ? You could even have a matching set for you and your bridesmaids.

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