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15 Wedding Expenses That You Forgot To Include In Your Wedding Budget

There is always so much that goes into planning a wedding that it is all too easy to forget some of the smaller details. Read on for our top tips on expenses sometimes forgotten by couples.

1. Hotel Rooms

If you want to be traditional, and since many couples live together before they get married then you are going to need to book at least one hotel room, unless you are staying at your parents or a friends house the night before your wedding day.

2. Postage Costs

We all remember to factor the cost of our save the dates and invites into our wedding budget, but what about the cost of posting them out ? This can soon mount up, especially if you are having a large wedding and sending them out first class. 100 invites, first class at todays prices will cost you £76.00, add on save the dates and that is an extra £150 out of your budget. If you are still looking for your wedding stationery then take a look at these and other designs from Paper Ballards

Also, take a look at "The Ultimate Wedding Stationery Checklist" to see if there is anything you may have forgotten.

3. Vat Costs

Many suppliers list their costs as plus Vat and at 20% a bill that started at £5000 is now £6000, an extra £1000 to find and definitely not a drop in the ocean, so make sure to check when booking whether Vat is included to save any nasty surprises later on.

4. Hiring Staff

Check with your venue exactly what is included in their packages as some will charge extra for additional staff needed on the day. The same applies to your other suppliers....does your photographer charge extra for a second shooter ? All our full day collections include two photographers by standard, so no hidden extras for you.

5. Additional Lighting

You've seen gorgeous photos of your venue in their brochure and online and just love all the twinkling lights and coloured uplighters. Mark from Bluemark Entertainment has a great guide to help here, but also says "I think lighting is something missed by couples as an addition for their wedding day.

We include a standard lighting package as part of our DJ services but we often hire lighting as a separate solution to our DJ services, the large LOVE letters or initials are a classic example.

All kinds of venues from a standard marquee to stately home benefit from the addition of uplighters and they are very popular.

In more recent times we have seen an increase in our delicate fairy lighting canopies. Last year we created a fairy lighting solutions with over 3,000 lights at The Old Palace at Hatfield house for an event which led onto a permanent installation as a feature for hire at an additional cost.

The secret with lighting is to ensure it complements the venue and simplicity is key !"

6. Food For Bridal Preparations

So many brides don't plan for eating on the morning of their wedding which is a huge mistake, the last thing you need is to be feeling hungry and faint during the ceremony or photos afterwards. Any food you choose to have does not need to break the bank, but you definitely want to be including something for you and your bridal party.

7. Cake Tasting

Gone are the days where the only choice for your wedding was a fruit cake. Now you can have pretty much any flavour you want, so a tasting session with your chosen cake maker is something you may want to consider. Most like Mels Cake & Bakes charge for this session but then credit the payment against the final bill when you book with them.

8. Dress Alterations

You've chosen your dream dress, but it doesn't quite fit perfectly and needs a little alteration. Some wedding dress shops will include these costs by standards, but many don't. Make sure to check if alterations are included and if not, how much those charges are.

9. Hair and Make Up Trials

Hair and make up trials are a must at least for the bride, if not the bridal party as well. The last thing you want is to end up with a look totally different to what you had envisioned, so be sure to include trials in your budget. We loved working with Wendy Hair and Make Up

10. Out of Season Flowers

If you have your heart set on particular flowers for your bouquet or decorations, but are getting married in a different season to when they are generally available then you will need to allow for the additional costs for your florist to source them and get them delivered. Also take into consideration "Wedding Flowers & Their Meanings" if you want to make them personal to you as a couple.

11. Menu Tasting

A number of venues now offer you the opportunity to go and have an evening tasting your wedding breakfast meal. Sometimes this is included in the package, but not always, so make sure to ask and include the additional cost in your budget if necessary. These sessions are especially important if you are torn between a few ideas.

12. Using Your Own Decorations At The Venue

Some venues offer the complete package for your wedding day, but if you have your heart set on using your own items then you need to check that this is possible. There may be a charge for this, but you will also need to budget for someone to set them up for you as you really don't want to be running around the morning of your wedding doing it yourself.

13. Tips

As you have already paid all your suppliers for their services this is not an absolute necessity. But, if a particular supplier has really made an impression and gone above and beyond to make your day special, it is something you may want to consider and as such needs to be included in your budget.

14. Cake Set Up Fee

Sometimes you will find that your cake maker charges extra to attend your venue and set the cake up for you. This is especially important if you are having a multi-tiered cake with pillars between the layers. Having it done by the professional means there is less chance of any catastrophies later in the day with the cake toppling over.

15. Wedding Party Proposal Boxes

It may be, that you are just planning to ask your bridal party personally, but if you want to give them proposal boxes as is fast becoming a wedding trend, then once again you need to include this in your budget. If you are looking for proposal boxes then be sure to check out these from Ali's Paper

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