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5 Unique Gift Ideas For Your 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Updated: Feb 8

Traditionally, the second-anniversary gift is cotton. This versatile material represents both comfort and strength. Like threads of cotton woven together, so too will your marriage become more interconnected in time. For the second year of your marriage, we suggest gifts that are thoughtful, romantic and practical.

We got together with a few suppliers to bring you some ideas and help you think outside the box for gifts to give each other.

1. H N Photography.UK - yes ourselves and you are probably wondering what we have to offer for cotton. Apart from some of our albums having the option of cotton covers, we also offer luxury soft touch canvases. What better way to celebrate your wedding anniversary than with a new piece of artwork for your walls ?

2. Susan Holton Knitwear - Distinctive handmade knitwear and accessories

Susan has given you a few ideas to get you thinking.

Long ultra-soft pure cotton scarf with lovely deep texture- in abstract ‘leaves’ pattern

Ultra-soft pure cotton scarf with lovely deep texture and various patterns  - in a shorter ’tuck-in’ style which is a neat length with a jacket

And one final thought, colour block wrist warmers/mittens.

These are not pure cotton, they are 65% cotton 35% linen. And are at a lower price point than the scarves

3. Julie Connor Art - Unique art for unique homes

All of Julies' canvases are cotton based, but we are totally in love with the heart shaped ones - perfect for any anniversary, but especially great for your 2nd anniversary

4. Green Laurels - Quality environmentally friendly, handmade candles for the eco-concious

Don't think you are limited to a candle with a cotton scent. With a little bit of thinking outside the box you can choose any scent you prefer since the wick itself is made of cotton.

5. Vintage Candy Floss - Candy floss with a twist

How about celebrating your anniversary with a sweet treat ? Candy floss, often called cotton candy so a perfect fit for your cotton wedding anniversary.

If you have been married for a couple of years, now is a good time to think about how you look after your rings, this blog post will help. "How To Care For Your Engagement & Wedding Rings"

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