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Why You Should Get Engaged At Christmas

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Is there any time of year that is more magical than christmas ? With the weather outside being cold, what could be better than cosying up in warm jumpers in front of a fire ? Add in a glass of wine or two, a few nibbles (maybe even a sharing platter) and some candles and you have the perfect romantic date night without going anywhere.

With all the romance of this season it's the perfect time to propose.

All The Family Is Together

With many families all together at this time of year it's lovely to propose with them around you and being able to share in the moment. There's sure to be a few phones around as well to capture that special moment.

Support Is On Hand

A proposal can be a little bit scary and stressful, so having your family around is great for coping with that anxiety and stress.

Spoiled For Choice With Timing

A proposal during this festive season is special and you have no end of choice for when to do it. What could be more romantic than christmas eve snuggled in front of the fire, or after dinner when everyone is happily sat around enjoying family time. There is always New Year too....what better way to start a new year than as an engaged couple ?

A Break From Work

Most companies shut down for the festive period which means you have all that extra time to enjoy the first few days of being engaged without work getting in the way. This is the time to celebrate this special event and spend quality time together.

A Christmas To Remember

There is also the added bonus that neither one of you are likely to forget this very special date. Noel proposed on Valentines day and we got married the day before my birthday. Noel did not want to take away from the specialness of my birthday but now these dates are precious to us for even more reasons and as he says, he is very unlikely to forget any anniversaries...and if he does......he knows he'd be in serious hot water.

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