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The 3 Most Important Things To Consider When Looking For a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographers are a vital part of your wedding day so you need to make sure you get the right ones for you. When the wedding is over, the one tangible memory you have of your amazing day is your photographs.

Make sure to remember not all photographers are the same. Once you have a shortlist there are 3 things to consider carefully.

1. Photography Style

Do your research and find ones whose photos you love. If your preference is light and airy there is no point looking at a photographer whose style is dark and moody and vice versa. Consider whether you want traditional posed photos, natural, candid shots or a mixture of these and check that your choice fully understands your preferences and is not only happy with this, but capable of delivering the service.

2. Connections

Meet with your photographers at least once before your wedding day. If there is no connection between you then they are probably not right for you. You should feel comfortable and relaxed with them and even be able to have a .laugh and a joke together. All of these things will help you to get the natural photos you want without the forced smiles and awkward poses. Trust your instincts, if something does not feel right then don't go ahead with the booking. Take you time to make your decision, you definitely should not rush things.

3. Compare Services

Take a look at what each photographer on your list is offering for the price they are charging and compare them with each other. Are you tied into their packages as shown on their website or can you tailor them to fit your own specific needs ? You need to be sure the money you are paying is worth it for the service and products you will receive.

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