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Ideas to get them to say yes to a Valentine's Day proposal

The most romantic day of the year and popular with many for a proposal. Here we share with you some of our favourite ideas for proposing.

Recreate Your First Date

Trigger the memories of when you first went out together. A restaurant, a walk in the woods, fun on the beach with a picnic. Whatever it was, do it again and remind them why they said yes to a second date.

Say It With Flowers & Chocolates

Who can say no to chocolate ? I know I can't ! Is there anything more associated with Valentines Day than chocolates and roses ? Surrounded by red roses, romantic candles and their favourite chocolates who could say no ?

A Special Location

Somewhere that is special to you both will show them just how much you have thought about this and how to make it a proposal to remember. The grounds at Hedingham Castle are beautiful and would make the perfect backdrop to your proposal. Wherever you choose, make sure it means something to you both. Your special location will also be perfect for your engagement photo shoot

Arrange A Surprise

This can be totally random, but always make sure it is something that will appeal to your partner. Think about what they love doing. A memorable trip to Colchester Zoo, or a magical Harry Potter Tour are just two ideas that would be perfect for me. So get your thinking cap on and make it a day they will always remember.

Breakfast In Bed

Why not make them a romantic breakfast in bed and pop the question ? They then have all day long to enjoy that newly engaged feeling with you, the one they love.

Once they have said yes and you have taken time together to full appreciate and enjoy being a couple why not check out our blog post "Congratulations, You're Engaged !.....Now What ?"

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