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How To Prevent Your Wedding Becoming "The Red Wedding"

There are not many of us who have not heard of the "Red Wedding", even if we have never seen Game of Thrones. It is notorious and high up on the list of dramatic weddings both real and fantasy.

It is also definitely an experience we all wish to avoid. Obviously, even with emotions running high, it is unlikely your wedding will end in a bloodbath, but there is always the possibility for arguments and tensions to be tipped over the edge.

Deciding On The Table Plan

For any wedding that involved the Starks and the Lanisters we all know there would have been complications. Luckily for us most family unions do not compare.

But it is not uncommon these days for parents of the bride or groom to be separated or remarried which can ultimately cause sleepless nights trying to decide who sits at the top table. Why not consider a sweetheart table for just you and your partner ? Not only does it give you some semi-private time together as a couple on your wedding day, but it also means no arguments about the seating plan.

Choosing The Right Music

The music for your wedding day is important when it comes to striking the right note for your celebrations. "The Rains of Castamere" whilst perfect for "The Red Wedding" with their foreboding notes are probably not the music you wish for your wedding. So, why not have a cosy night in together with a bottle of wine or your tipple of choice playing your favourite tunes and coming up with a playlist that suits both you as a couple and the type of wedding you want ? Having the right music on your wedding day is key to setting the mood.

Family Feuds

All families have their disagreements and happily most resolve themselves without too much tension remaining. But, if you have guests at your wedding who really don't get on, make sure to arrange the seating plan so they are not close together. Talk to them before the day and ask if there is anything else you can reasonably do to make things go smoothly. The more american idea of a rehearsal dinner is a great ice-breaker when it comes to your immediate family. Maybe arrange a small family get together for them all to meet before the big day.

Food Allergies

Joffreys death at his own wedding to Marjorie Tyrell made for dramatic viewing and few of us were sad at his passing. Obviously, we do not expect anything so dramatic at your wedding, but taking time to find out if any of your guests have any food allergies and deciding on your menu accordingly will prevent any mishaps.

Whilst none of us want a repercussion of "The Red Wedding" a themed wedding is definitely one to be remembered. We have been lucky enough to photograph a pirate hand fasting and a medieval wedding and would thoroughly recommend a themed wedding based on your favourite film, book or genre which makes it very much your day and a reflection of your tastes.

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