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How To Beat The Wedding Day Blues

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

After the fun and sometimes stress of planning your wedding day, many couples find themselves a bit deflated and wondering how to fill the gap left in their lives. Here are some ideas to help you avoid the big come down.

1. Minimoon

Rather than going on a full blown honeymoon straight after the wedding, why not plan a short break to spend some quality time together in the UK. there is so much choice for this, whether it is a city break or somewhere more remote where you can just shut the door on the world and enjoy being a married couple.

2. Honeymoon later in the year

Plan your honeymoon for later in the year so you give yourselves something to look forward to and not have everything over and done with within a matter of a couple of weeks.

3. Date Nights

Plan regular date nights to enjoy as a couple, meals out, trips to the cinema or a show, bowling are all great choices

4. Bucket List

Make a list of activities and visits you would like to make together. Places you have always wanted to visit or experiences/activities you would love to do together. There is so much beauty in the UK you really are spoiled for choice.

5. Photo night alone

Once you receive your official photographs, plan a night in with your favourite wine, maybe a take away, candles and soft music and enjoy looking through your photos and reliving your wedding day together. The morning of your wedding day you are most often apart so it is great to be able to see what your partner was doing and how they were preparing.

6. Photo night with family/friends

After you have had time to enjoy your photos as a couple why not invite family and friends over and have a special night where you can all reminisce about the day ?

7. Post wedding night out with family/friends

Arrange to go out with family and friends for drinks or a meal. You could make this a series of nights out with different groups. One with family, one with your bridesmaids and groomsmen, one with close friends, the possibilities are endless.

8. Plan your anniversary celebrations

If you really miss the planning process why not start thinking about how you are going to celebrate your first anniversary ? A meal/visit at your wedding venue, a weekend away maybe at the same place as your minimoon, an experience such as wine tasting, the list is endless. For our 1st anniversary we chose a weekend away combined with an eagle handling experience, perfect for us as we love photographing birds of prey.

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