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Divas Hair Salon, Colchester

We had the pleasure of working with Michelle and all the team at Divas Hair Salon back in March when they did the hair for our medieval bride Dawn, and her chief bridesmaid Melanie. Brilliant, friendly team and very skilled in their chosen profession.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, Michelle contacted us....do we do videography ? Now, we knew our cameras were capable of video, but had never really played with this function. So at our next wedding, with the bride and grooms permission we locked off a camera to record parts of the day and see what we thought. Definitely happy the result......

Yesterday we returned to Divas to capture some video for them as new content for their website. Noel was in charge of video, whilst Helen took some stills of the morning. It was great fun working with Michelle and all her team again, we had such a laugh, hardly like working at all.

Noel, is now busy editing their video for them and will be publishing the finished product once Michele has approved it.

If you are looking for a hair stylist for your wedding, any other occasion or just because you fancy a change, then we would thoroughly recommend getting in touch with Divas to see how they can help.

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