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9 Things Brides & Grooms Forget When Posing For Photos

Updated: Feb 8

The day has come, your ceremony has past in a blur of emotions and excitement and it is now time for your photos. Obviously, you want these to be the best they can be, capturing your day perfectly, all the atmosphere and love. Your photographer will help in any way they can, they want your photos to be perfect as they are an advertisement for their skills,

1. Check and touch up your hair and makeup

Having made it through the ceremony and kissed your new husband or wife you will want to check your makeup still looks perfect, touch up anything necessary and make sure there is no lipstick on your teeth.

2. Choose your angle carefully

Don't stand straight on to the camera, doing this flattens the natural contours of your face and can make you appear wooden. Place your weight on your back foot, using your front for balance only. Stand however feels most comfortable, a slight bend in your arms and legs is a much more natural pose. Bending your arms also creates space between them and your body. If your arms are directly at your sides it can make them look unflatteringly bigger than they are.

3. Don't slouch

As the bride there are many photographs to get through and it can seem tiring as time ticks past, so it is important to try and remember to stand up straight and not slouch, unless it is required for a particular style of photo.

4. Listen to your photographer

You placed your trust in them and their experience. They have done this 100's of times before and know what looks natural and right.

5. Have fun

When it comes to your private photos, have fun with each other. make the most of this time alone together, even tickle each other. The smiles and laughs will make for the most natural photos you can have.

6. Hold your bouquet correctly

Many brides hold their bouquet too high up which looks totally wrong. If you keep your thumbs at belly button level your bouquet will be in all your photos without hiding the beautiful detail of your gown. Or, for a different look, hold it to the side for a more relaxed pose.

7. Don't stare at the camera all the time

You don't have to permanently stare at the camera, not only will it make you more self-conscious and less likely to relax, but holding a smile for any length of time does actually start to hurt after a while. Interact with your new husband or wife, look into each others eyes, adjust his tie, cup her cheek in your hand. It is amazing how quickly you can forget the photographer is there with you, especially if like us they carry a couple of zoom lenses and don't have to be right in your face taking photos.

8. Think about your chin

Slightly angling your chin down can make a round or oval face look slimmer, but remember not to overdo it or you may give yourself the appearance of a double chin. Conversely, lifting your chin slightly can balance out a pronounced forehead. Remember, whatever is closest to the camera will look biggest, so slightly pushing your face forward can make your body appear slimmer.

9. Practice with your husband or wife to be

Spend time before your wedding day posing with each other. Find out what you are both most comfortable and relaxed with. A great way of practising this is a pre-wedding shoot with your photographer who can make suggestions and work with you to capture you both at your best.

We actively encourage our couples to visit their chosen wedding venue with us. Not only do we see the venue through their eyes and find out what about it they fell in love, but it is a great opportunity for a few relaxed photos as well.

10. Hands

Hands can appear so ungainly and grotesquely large if not positioned correctly. It is easier for the bride as she holds her bouquet and can hide them behind it, but for the groom they need to consider what they do with them. You could choose to place them behind your back, although this is a more formal pose and not what most want for their wedding photos. We have found an arm placed around your bride, with your hand resting in the arch of her back to be a more natural pose. Or placing a hand in your pocket for a more relaxed pose, but remember when doing this you may wish to unbutton your jacket otherwise it may pull in an unflattering way.

These are just a few of the tricks and tips we employ when photographing you as a couple, we have many more tricks up our sleeves. So why not book a no-obligation consultation with us to discuss your day in more detail and how we can help you achieve your dream day ?

If like many of us you don't like being in front of the camera, then this blog post is most definitely for you "I Hate Having My Photo Taken - What Do I Do On My Wedding Day ?"

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