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7 Reasons Why We Are Not The Right Essex Wedding Photographers For You

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When we last looked on google there were 25 pages of wedding photographers located near us, which just goes to show the massive amount of choice available to you. It can be overwhelming to say the least. We would hate to be in your shoes right now trying to whittle down the choices to a shortlist to contact, especially when anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves a wedding photographer.

We are here to help you cross one option off of your list - Us.

Here are 7 reasons why we are probably not the right wedding photographers for you.

1. Our wedding photography style is not your wedding style

You have a vision in your mind of how you want your wedding photographs to look, dreamy, light and airy or maybe dark and moody.

This is not us, our style is all about natural colours and looks. Your photos will truly represent how your day was, whether rain or shine the photos you receive will not lie.

2. We don't control your day

It is your day and no two weddings are the same. We will guide you throughout the day, but if things unfold in unexpected ways or you are enjoying a particular aspect of your day we will make every effort not to pull you away, and will work with you to still achieve the photos you want. Sometimes the best images are not posed, but spontaneous making them effortlessly natural.

3. Our Photos are not perfect magazine covers

Although images in magazines look absolutely stunning, unless you want to spend hours on your wedding photos away from family and friends enjoying your day to achieve those results it is highly unlikely to happen. Sometimes everything does come together and align to get that amazing photo but we don't control the weather and cannot guarantee the sun will cast the exact right light at the exact moment you want it to. Post editing can also give you amazing results.

4. We are too expensive

With such an abundance of wedding photographers in Essex and the UK as a whole you can always find someone to fit your budget. Our prices are very closely aligned to the industry average for the UK, but we are certainly not the cheapest. Remember also, check exactly what is included in your price, many photographers will charge extra for certain things like albums. If you love our photos, products and style then you will conclude our prices are very reasonable when compared with others.

5. We are too friendly and helpful

Unlike photographers from a few years ago, and even still some today, we are very friendly and approachable and love having fun with you and your guests helping everyone relax in front of our cameras meaning you get brilliant relaxed wedding photos. Unless we are absolutely tied up with photographs we will turn our hand to most things from bustling the brides dress to pinning on buttonholes. At a recent wedding when the caterers were an hour late with their delivery we were there helping uncover the plates of food so all the guests could sit down and eat as soon as possible.

6. You don't want to get to know us and just want us to turn up and take photographs like other Essex Wedding Photographers

We love spending time with our couples over a series of meetings getting to know each other properly. Therefore, on your wedding day you are totally comfortable with us meaning you get wonderfully, relaxed photos.

7. Your venue has a stunning gallery of past weddings, we look to give you something unique and different

You look through the photos in a venues wedding gallery and fall in love, but do you really want the exact same photos as every other couple who have got married there ? We will do some of those photos, but we are always looking for something that little bit different. We try and visit the chosen venue with each of our couples even if we have been there several times before. We want to know what made the venue special for you and what particular areas you really like so we can concentrate your photography in those areas.

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Still want us to photograph your wedding then....

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