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5 Tips To Help Your Wedding Budget Go Further

Updated: May 19, 2020

We all have a vision of how we want our wedding day to be even if many of us do not have the budget to match it. But there are many things you can do to help your budget go further.

1. DIY

Think about doing parts of your wedding yourself, or even getting friends and family involved to help you. The money you save in this way can then be allocated to something you would rather not do yourself like your dress or photography.

2. Spread The Cost

Plan for a longer engagement and work out payment plans with your suppliers. If you have longer to make your payments you can afford things better.

3. Choose Your Wedding Day Wisely

Consider a week day rather than a weekend for your wedding, most venues offer discounted prices for week days. As long as you give your guests a decent amount of notice, most if not all of them will be able to get the time off work.

4. Consider The Season

If you stick with flowers that are in season for your bouquets, buttonholes and decorations they will be cheaper than ones that have had to be flown in from abroad because they are out of season.

5. Reduce The Number of Guests

Take a careful look at your guest list. Is it imperative for all of the people on your list to be at your wedding ? Maybe consider something more intimate, just the two of you and your immediate families. Then if you really want to include all your friends as well arrange a get together a bit later, maybe a barbeque when you receive your official photographs and can share them with everyone.

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