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5 Things To Practice Before Your Wedding Day

There are many things that can go wrong on your wedding day, but with a little planning and forethought you can limit the possibilities.

1. The First Dance

Dance lessons are a great way to polish your performance. If you don't like the idea of paying for lessons, why not have a couple of date nights with your husband or wife to be and go dancing.

2.Hair and Make-Up Trials

Make sure to book in for hair and make-up trials before the big day. This will ensure your make-up artist and hair stylist know exactly what look you want and what products will work best for your skin. It also eradicates the possibility of any reactions to products on the day.

3. Wedding Vows

Practice saying your vows, especially if one of you has an unusual or unique name. Take time to breathe between sentences. Make sure you speak at a level that is right for your guests to hear you. Also, make sure to make eye contact with each other during your vows, it makes for great photos when there is a connection between you.

4. Your Walk Down The Aisle

Practice your walk, make sure to take your time, look up and not at your feet. If you are nervous, pick one place or person at the front to focus on, but chances are once you start walking up the aisle you will be caught up in the moment and seeing all your friends and family and will forget all about being nervous.

5. Posing For The Camera

Work out some poses together that you both feel comfortable with. Many photographers offer pre-wedding photo shoots to help with this. If you are relaxed and know what to expect your pictures will look natural and not stiff and formal.

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