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1st Anniversary Inspiration

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

After your amazing wedding day with all the memories it created, one of the next biggest events in your married lives together will be your first wedding anniversary. Your first year of marriage is like a blank sheet as you start your journey together, making new memories and sharing experiences, as such, first anniversary gifts are traditionally linked to paper.

Tickets and experiences are great gifts as when printed out they fully represent paper and even those on a tight budget can often afford something whether it be tickets to the cinema to see a film together, or to watch a London show. There is a vast variety to choose from.

For our first anniversary, I bought Noel an experience day voucher. He had a dozen or so different activities to choose from, but opted for a joint experience of eagle handling. We spent a wonderful day at Eagle Heights in Kent, the highlight being flying the birds in the open countryside nearby.

Another option is a hand-made card. Relatively inexpensive, but with much care and thought a beautiful keepsake to cherish and look back at over the years, specially if you take time over the words you write inside. Three Dee Cards are an online company specialising in elaborate 3d designs that look amazing and certainly have that wow factor.

For something different, why not get in touch with Katy from Olive & Millicent - in her own words " I'm a wedding stationer, specialising in hand painted watercolour designs that can add a personal touch to a wedding day. One of my most popular requests is venue illustrations (closely followed by florals and pets). The original paintings make great gifts and can be commissioned even after the wedding as a unique anniversary present."

Finally, how about this great idea from JollyBoysDjs

"Our framed playlists capture one of the most romantic moments of your wedding, the first dance.

Available in a range of different designs, sizes and framing options our prints also feature every single song played on your special day and can be designed to match your living space, making it the ideal gift.

- Jolly Boys DJ's have provided professional DJ services to the wedding industry for over 13 years. Our aim is simple, to make sure you have a packed dancefloor all night! "

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